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Monthly Archive: April 2007

CapGemini Finds Strong Interrelation between New and Used Car Sales


Ethan Strassfield, Staff Reporter

"CapGemini and the Car Internet Research Program have published a new report focusing on the used car market. This study provides an analysis of the used vehicle market with special focus on four key markets: Germany, France, Canada and U.S. The research studies:""

1. The expansion of the used car business in both […]

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Accenture Stresses the Crucial Role of Education to U.S. Competitiveness

"William Green, Accenture Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, advised government and business to make education more affordable, accessible and accountable with the purpose of building stronger and more competitive U.S. workers. Green also called on senators to consider an increase of tax incentives to cover expenses such as books and certain student fees, which could be particularly important for those […]

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Bearing Point Launches Innovative Media Management Solution

"BearingPoint recently announced the availability of a centralized content and rights management solution for the entertainment and media industry. The BearingPoint solution incorporates its Digital Rights Management and Media Asset Management offerings into a pioneering, centralized solution in order to help compensation issues and validate copyright associated to media content. 

This solution, which is built upon data asset management architecture, […]

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Deloitte’s New Chief Executive – James Quigley Succeeds William Parrett

"The Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Board recently announced James. H. Quigley has been nominated to be the new Chief Executive Officer to take charge from May 31, 2007. This has to be ratified by a vote by the member firm partners worldwide global CEO. James H. Quigley succeeds William G. Parrett. 

According to the outgoing Chairman Piet Hoogendoorn, the elected one […]

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Is Sarbox Hurting American Competitiveness?

"This was the key topic in front of a star-studded panel called by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson in Washington DC today. Invitees included Warren Buffet, Jeff Immelt, Alan Greenspan and others. The event was covered in great detail by CNBC business television. 

The range of opinions varied from total support of Sarbox to virulent oppositions and panelists had compelling arguments […]

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Knowledge is the Key for New-Era Competitiveness, PwC Findings

"A global study released by the Partnership for New York City and PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that promising cities such as Singapore and Shanghai may break conventional metropolises in the new knowledge economy.  

Using nine indicators and thirty-two variables, such as transportation infrastructure, broadband capacity, diversity and working age population, the study, examined 11 major cities: Chicago, Atlanta, London, Frankfurt, New York, Los […]

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KPMG Europe Expands into Netherlands

"KPMG sent shockwaves through the accounting industry when they merged the UK and German practices some months ago to create the largest accounting firm in the continent. Even at that time they made it clear that they would be interested in expanding their reach to include other KPMG European firms. 

Now we see that KPMG Netherlands has joined their British […]

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KPMG Global Study Shows Tax Management Can Boost Corporate Value

"A KPMG International study of trends in tax management, The Governance of Tax, argues that over-cautious boards may risk losing value to competitors who look at tax as a source of competitive advantage.

According to KPMG International, leading tax-oriented organizations should mention clearly in a defendable position on how tax and risk are managed; should maintain well-documented, board approved tax strategies; […]

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PricewaterhouseCoopers in Hot Russian Tea

"PricewaterhouseCoopers Russia seems to be in some hot Russian tea!
Just a few weeks ago, PwC offices in Moscow were raided by police and prosecutors. The charges: irregularities in auditing of Yukos and evasion of taxes.
Yesterday, a Moscow court fined PwC 16.8 million rubles (equivalent to about US$650,000) for auditing issues with Yukos from 2002 to 2004. The suit alleged that […]

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Resume Corner – Update Your Resume Regularly

"This Bears Repeating, And Repeating And Repeating…

It seems a simple keep you resume updated. But it isn t. You perform so many unique projects in the Big4 that if you don t keep track of them, you may lose sight of all your accomplishments when you are preparing a new resume. Time and again, I have to pull the […]

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Resume Corner – Your Cover Letter Sells You

Everyone has always been told not to judge a book by its cover. If this is the rule, then what makes you want to read a book? Of course you are going to look at the cover to decide if you are interested in the rest of the book. You may also flip to the back cover of the book […]

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Accenture Expands Management Consulting in India

"Accenture is increasing its management consulting capabilities in India to support clients in the domestic market and on a global basis. The firm expects India will play a vital role in the expansion by the end of its 2008 fiscal year. Accenture employs nearly 2,000 management-consulting professionals. 

According to Mark Foster, Accenture s group chief executive, expansion of management consulting […]

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