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Monthly Archive: March 2011

A Guaranteed Job Upon Graduation – PricwaterhouseCoopers PwC / Henley Business School Show How

A  guaranteed job! No resumes, no cover letters, no interviews, no waiting, no nail biting

No kidding!

We see that PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC […]

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Ten Common Myths That Can Potentially Land You In FCPA Trouble

With the UK Bribery Act set to go into effect in a few months, and increased scrutiny on the US’ FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), companies are just not that aware of how wide-ranging and specific the provisions of these regulations can be.

And Grant Thornton […]

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KPMG: Multiple challenges For CFOs building new finance functions

Modern globalized business is forcing finance departments to transform themselves from efficient managers of transactions into providing boards with insight into true performance measures and guiding corporate investments and cost control decisions, says a new study from KPMG International and CFO Research Services. 

Executives give themselves high marks when it comes to internal finance processes, including treasury activity, general accounting and […]

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KPMG: KPMG reports many queries on iXBRL, the soon to be compulsory online tax filing language

Bivek Sharma, head of the iXBRL team at KPMG in the UK has noted that as of this Friday, 1 April, it will be compulsory for all businesses to file their corporation tax returns online in “iXBRL” format. But despite this having been trailed for the past two years, many businesses are still not ready.

 He explains that the […]

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PwC: Guaranteed employment for graduates with PwC and Henley Business School

Henley Business School is launching a new degree programme in partnership with the UK’s leading graduate employer, PwC, providing students who successfully pass their exams and perform well in work placements a guaranteed job after graduation. The initiative supports wider access into the accountancy profession. Students will be paid as they study […]

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Deloitte: Oil And Gas Reality Check shows growth in the dynamic LNG industry fuelled by Chinese demand

While Asian national oil companies (“NOCs”) are determined to acquire upstream assets to mitigate their increasing dependence on imported energy, Australian companies race to sanction and build their conventional and unconventional LNG export facilities. The result is future supply and demand for Australian LNG resources will be effected by a number of game-changing trends. 

Overall, fossil fuels are likely to continue […]

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Deloitte: Quarterly Legal Sector Survey Uncovers limited growth

Although fee income growth was highest for the larger firms, with those in the top 50 achieving a 6% increase, there was no growth for firms in the 51-100 category. These statistics tie in with the fact that there was limited growth across the UK’s top 100 law firms, with fee income increasing by 2.8% compared with the same quarter […]

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PwC: Foreign companies concerned over Africa’s transfer pricing rules

There are several grey areas for companies doing business in Africa, including how tax authorities will handle transfer pricing (TP).  It is vital that organisations prepare comprehensive documentation to demonstrate their application of the arm’s length principle and the procedures followed.


TP is an easy and profitable […]

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UK House of Lords Report Blasts Big Four Firms Dominance and Behavior

The UK House of Lords’  Economic Affairs Committee recently issued a report on it’s inquiry into Auditors’ market concentration and their role, to better understand the dominance of the Big Four and its effects on competition and choice; and whether traditional, statutory […]

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Put Your Best Foot Forward For A Big Four Interview

A guest post by Kathryn Henry, a former account manager and recruiter for a Fortune 500 Company, and a writer for TeachStreet.

The Big Four are hiring! All the firms have made quite public pronouncements on their needs for large numbers of accounting, tax and […]

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New Global Website for Crowe Horwarth International

Crowe Horwarth, which we just blogged about in their loss of their Brazilian firm, has something important to share in the same time.

A new Crowe Horwarth International website launched in January 2011 combines their 150 member firms and presence in 108 countries and 583 cities and 640 offices.

Crowe Horwath International is the 9th largest global network of independent audit and […]

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Brazil Merry Go Round – KPMG Acquires BDO Who Acquires Crowe Horwarth…

This is just a few days old, but full of interest and perhaps intrigue. KPMG Brazil is buying the entire BDO Brazil firm, who in turn are buying the entire Crowe Horwarth Brazil firm. And all this hits the wire last week and to be executed in full by March 31, 2011.

This is surely going to leave a lot of […]

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KPMG: New finance functions present CFOs with multiple challenges

Inflexible systems and tools, difficult internal collaboration structures and lack of appropriate skills, combined with the sheer complexity of modern organizations, are preventing good progress for many finance functions.

Modern globalized business is forcing finance departments to transform and provide boards with insight into true performance measures ,guiding corporate investments and cost control decisions. This […]

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KPMG: Tax partner Dan Roman appointed in boost to hedge fund practice

KPMG’s investment management group has appointed Dan Roman to its hedge funds tax practice. He comes over from Ernst & Young where he advised hedge funds and private equity houses on UK and cross border tax matters. Before his qualification as a tax barrister, Dan worked in investment banking.

He made several comments on his […]

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PwC: London will recycle over 45,000 litres of cooking oil from restaurants, bars, offices and hotels monthly

Two 6,000 litre tankers weekly will be filled with used cooking oil from offices and restaurants from city centre locations. It will be transported to a local refinery, Uptown Biodiesel, and then on to PwC for use in the firm’s state of the art tri-generation facility on site at their new office at […]

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