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Cracking the Big4 Code With A Downward Dog

By Rob Starr, Content Manager 

Dana Campbell is a Professional Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor and Change Leader who understands that marching to your own drummer is an essential part of a productive happiness and that change is always good.  

“I was seven years into my career (at Accenture) and that’s when I started to get really passionate about teaching Yoga,” she says reminiscing about how a coworker envied her because she knew what she wanted to do although she was leaving a more lucrative field.

“That is what’s keeping so many people in the Big4 firms,” she says. “They don’t really DanaCampbell_fullhave any clue what they might do outside of it.”  

Up The Ladder 

Although it might sound otherwise, Campbell’s ascent up the ladder to her current position had a few more traditional rungs along the way.  

“I started off at Hitachi Consulting doing large system implementations,” she said. “I got to know Oracle really well and I was ready to move away from Colorado to New York so I took a job at Accenture.”  

At that point she went through several more large scale implementations before she realized “coding at 2 a.m. was not for me.” She decided to veer off on another career path and transitioned into the organizational change management practice. Even then, Campbell was looking for more personal meaning in her professional life. Her corporate path narrowed until she finally ended her working life in corporate America with a smaller British data consulting enterprise.  

Yoga Outside Of The Studio  

“I had been mentoring and coaching a lot as part of my job and found it was something I was really passionate about,” she said deciding to focus on career transition and burnout because she had personal experience with the transition aspect and because the burnout angle allows her to teach yoga outside of a studio.  

You might think Campbell’s experiences have left her advocating for a completely stress free work environment, but her philosophy takes a more measured approach.  

“There’s a certain amount of stress that’s very important for us to be productive,” she says, “but you quickly hit the peak and once you’ve gone over that edge, you become less productive, efficient and effective.”  

It all comes down to intuitive versus fear based thinking, according to Campbell, who says that calm intuitive thinking fosters innovation and the ability to see opportunity. She closes the loop with a few words on the implications for career advancement.  

“When you’re in a place and making intentional decisions about career advancement, those decisions will be sitting with you in a very authentic way,” she says.  

Dana Campbell is a career transition and burnout coach and corporate stress resiliency workshop leader. To learn more about her visit


















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