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Accounting Jobs – Opportunities for Accounting Professionals is your one stop website for the latest accounting jobs, news and relevant information if you’re an Alumni of the Big Four. We’ve been serving that specific community for the past seven years and if you’re interested in other aspects like strengthening your network, looking at our comprehensive network of career opportunities, or just developing or adjusting your Big Four Alumni profile, you’ve found the right location.

Although all of our features are critical to’s overall success, we place a special emphasis on helping interested parties looking for or changing careers with the Big Four accounting firms. We cover all the key areas when it comes to these accounting careers including:

  • Audit. This is often considered one of the foundations of accounting. Whether you’re starting out fresh or looking to change career courses with companies in the Ernst &Young, Deloitte or PwC family of firms, we have the up to date resources here at Audit is often thought of as the solid foundation for all other accounting jobs and has changed with the times to include computerized random sampling methods.
  • Tax.  Working for accounting firms that specialize in this area encompasses statements for personal and corporate income as well as techniques for approaching mergers, acquisitions and when and how to defer taxes. Our up to date job listings here cover the latest from KPMG, Capgemini and other Big Four firms like Accenture.
  • Financial. A combined understanding of what’s needed for a wide range of areas in accounting from mergers and acquisitions to long term financial projections is what’s required here and’s thorough job listings cover all the prerequisites from detailed job descriptions to easy to read and understand listings.

The latest most comprehensive postings of accounting jobs are one of our specialties at We’ve been serving the needs of Big Four Alumni for years now with our comprehensive combination of relevant news, featured interviews and up to date job listings as well.