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To Advance In Your Job Think And Work Beyond Your Job Description

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

Too much concern and focus on our job title and description, along with its compensation, can limit our professional and personal growth, and compensation.  How we go about our work should be grounded in what motivates us, who we are and want to be, how we are fulfilled.  With this perspective, job descriptions and compensation become the outcome of our work rather than the focal point.

As we work we should strive to follow that which motivates us to expand the depth and breadth of our experience (i.e. knowledge, skills, and performance) and let that carry us forward.  And as we move forward with our experience we can determine if our employer is a good fit for us.  Does it adequately recognize our value and compensate us appropriately?  Is the overall work experience conducive to our well-being?

Thinking about a job description should simply be a basis for viewing our work vis-a-vis other work in the organization, and other organizations, and being paid appropriately.  And how it fits with who we are and/or want to be.  If we believe that our employer does not adequately recognize the quality of our work, in terms of an appropriate position and compensation, and that the position is not a good fit for us, then we should consider moving-on.

Will we be doing more work than is stated in our job description and for which we are paid?  Yes, possibly, at least in the short run.  It’s the longer run that counts, and doing work that is fulfilling.  A job description is just about certain responsibilities.  It’s not the multi-dimensional person we are, even when at work.

Granted we may have to work at something solely for the paycheck, even if not substantial enough.  But we should nevertheless be positioning ourselves for something better, so that we are ready when the opportunity presents itself.

Michael VanBruaene was a KPMG Director and blogs at “Michael VanBruaene – Pragmatic Approaches To Move You and Your Organization Forward”.  

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