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Improve Your Management Performance

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

Are you managing as well as you should? Or are you being asked to improve how you manage your operating unit or teams?

Our Management Practices Assessment and Improvement Tool provides you with an approach and guidance on good management practices.

The management principles and practices described in the tool apply to managers at all organization levels, with some being more applicable to different levels of the organization.  For example, a manager of a discrete business process must develop and implement strategy, but granted it will differ from the strategy development by a higher level manager or CEO; however both have many similar characteristics.

Follow this link to the tool.

The Management Practices Assessment and Improvement Categories are:

  1. Strategic Thinking, Vision and Actions
  2. Strategy and Goals
  3. Organization Culture
  4. Clear Direction and Project Planning
  5. Maintaining Priorities
  6. Using Performance Measures
  7. Regular and Productive Meetings With Direct Reports
  8. Responsibilities and Authority
  9. In Touch With Employees
  10. In Touch With Customers – External and Internal
  11. Delegating Work
  12. Communication
  13. Organization and Team Leadership
  14. Supporting Employees
  15. Interest In Employee Personal Lives
  16. People Development
  17. Constructive Feedback to Employees
  18. Staffing Levels Management
  19. Bottom Lines
  20. Conflict Resolution
  21. Self Awareness

See and use the tool at

Michael VanBruaene was a KPMG Director and blogs at  Practical Tools To Improve Organization Performance.


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