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Management Essentials For Startups

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

Startups, with their very necessary focus on funding, product/service development, and sales tend to overlook fundamental management practices that can support their efforts to be successful.  Management practices important for startups include:

  • Think-through and document planning for your work efforts and projects.  Also identify risks that could impair the successful achievement of your work objective.  Identify what could go wrong and determine in advance how to manage those risks.  This will help to minimize unexpected problems
  • Define and describe – with documentation – your product or services
  • Set targets and measure performance
  • Balance the need for entrepreneurial flexibility with some structure to your work efforts
  • Develop a balanced company strategy
  • Have a funding strategy
  • Establish accountability and trust; and a positive work environment
  • Seek and engage smart people with the skills, knowledge and experience you need

For details and more information go to Management Essentials For Startups,

Michael VanBruaene was a KPMG Director and blogs at  Michael VanBruaene Pragmatic Performance Improvement Services – Advancing Your Organization ( He can also be contacted at

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