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The Power of Ideas – Embracing tech to engage employees in the ideas process

Simon Hill,, Guest Blogger

At times in history there are phrases and slogans thrown around which reflect the nature of the times in which we are living. It is little surprise that given the austere times in which we currently find ourselves that innovation is a real focus at the current time. A cursory glance at the mainstream media or the language coming from business leaders or politicians confirms this.

Innovation has been the heartbeat of businesses throughout time. We live in complex times and innovation for many is more complex now that it has ever been before. Big data rules. This data can yield insights that can really help to drive innovation. It also brings significant amounts of complexity for businesses.

There is one area of the business however that is frequently overlooked but that can be more insightful, more manageable and more informed than many other channels of innovation and insight. The internal organisation, the employees. Idea management software, enabled by emergent cloud technology is facilitating this for organisations. Businesses are empowered to engage their most valuable asset for true insight and even more than this are able to do this openly, collaboratively and the results can be incredible.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit, dispersed employees have a centralised place to share, the organisation a collaborative space to listen, pose challenges for targeted innovation and the collective group can help to shape the ideas, drive focus to the most relevant ones and deliver true value to the organisation.

Simon Hill is CEO and co-founder of Wazoku, an Associate Director with the Venture Capital Firm FindInvestGrow and an active member of the London technology and entrepreneurial community. Simon is an alumni of PWC, Deloitte and Cap Gemini.

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