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Tools To Improve New Manager Performance – New Manager Suite

By Michael VanBruaene, Guest Blogger

Management positions on the front lines of your organization are a very important resource and require attention and resources tailored to their important role.  Therefore, it’s important that methods are in-place to support and aid newly hired managers. Combined into one document are three of our popular articles on New Managers.

I.      New Manager On-Boarding Delivers Success For The Manager And Organization

Guidelines for planning and implementing a successful on-boarding experience for new managers; resulting in fewer mistakes and disruptions to workflow; also reduced time to be fully productive.

II.   Getting A Good Start As A New Manager – Your First 90 Days

Guideline for new managers -where and how they should focus in their initial 90 days.  Also, employers can provide these guidelines to a new manager as a work plan to follow.

III.           Problems With Your New Manager? Reset Their Performance & Success With This Guidance

Sets forth an approach and considerations to address a less than successful start for a new manager.

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Michael VanBruaene was a KPMG Director and blogs at  Michael VanBruaene Pragmatic Performance Improvement Services – Advancing Your Organization ( He can also be contacted at

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