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The 2012 Performance Analysis of The Big Four Firms – Deloitte, KPMG, E&Y and PwC

All Big Four accounting firms continued their strong showing in the 2012 performance analysis , as revenues grew 6% from 2011 to yet another record of $110 billion, as global economies improved and emerging countries zoomed.

Two Big Stories Of 2012: PwC maintained its leadership position by beating Deloitte to remain the largest accounting firm on the planet. The margin – a slim $400 million. KPMG grew the slowest, due to currency impact from Europe, modest growth in Advisory and potential loss of relative market share in Audit, thus extending the gap with Ernst & Young to $1.7 billion.

Both Asia and Advisory had stellar revenue growth at 8% and 12%. Audit grew a respectable 3% and Tax grew a solid 6% continuing to build on 2011. Revenues in many emerging markets and developing countries rose over 20%.

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