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Capgemini’s ‘Applied Innovation Exchange’ accelerates path to embedded business technology

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

Capgemini recently introduced its Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) that enables organizations to benefit from its Applied Innovation concept, a process enabling a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced  market landscape by compressing  discovery to deployment of innovation cycle time. Lanny Cohen, Global CTO for Capgemini, filled us in on this latest innovation.

What is the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE)?
The Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) is a global platform designed to help clients rapidly and securely gain competitive advantage in today’s fast-pace innovation market landscape, by compressing the cycle time from the discovery to deployment of innovation. The AIE has five components to serve client companies. They include:

• A framework to provide discipline and rigor to the Applied Innovation process;
• A global network of exchanges, which are uniquely designed spaces that provide an immersive and transformative environment, as well as the infrastructure to innovate at speed and scale;
• A global curated partner ecosystem that ranges from startups and academics to the largest technology providers to ensure an accelerated path to access, co-develop, and apply innovation;
• Provision of insight, based on our innovation expertise in sectors, emerging technologies, digital transformation, design, prototyping and IP to power the innovation process;
• Engagement and co-location to provide an immersive Applied Innovation experience optimizing speed and performance in an environment built for and operated exclusively for this

Lanny Cohen

Lanny Cohen


What does it hope to accomplish?
The AIE will entice companies to not innovate in isolation, but rather tap into an ecosystem of valuable processes, resources, technologies and third parties to enable the ongoing discovery of new innovations to solve their evolving business challenges.

Who is it designed to help?
The AIE will be an invaluable resource to companies in any industry to help them become more proficient at the application of innovation, as a core competency and to discover and apply emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, Insights and Data, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Vanguard IT.

How does the concept of Applied Innovation figure in?
To understand the Exchange’s value proposition is to know what is an applied innovation approach. Applied innovation is an approach to innovation designed to accelerate and scale the target business outcomes by focusing on the application of the innovation to the enterprise.

How does Capgemini’s global network of Exchanges help?
Recognizing the new market realities related to the pace, impact, source, and unrealized ROI of innovation confronting businesses everywhere, Capgemini has built the Exchanges, situated around the globe in major markets, to serve as an innovation accelerator for companies. In the last month, we opened our North America Exchange in San Francisco. The global Exchanges are designed to deliver a structured and secure environment enabling client companies to collaborate with technology partners and other parties to co-create and demonstrate proofs of concept that best accommodate a client company’s evolving business requirements.

What’s in the future?
In the near term we’re focusing our AIE go-to-market efforts with five core verticals—Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Retail and Utilities—and will gradually expand our vertical focus in the months to come. Similarly, we’ll continue to expand the AIE’s emerging technology footprint, breadth and reach of the partner and start-up ecosystem, physical Exchange locations, core processes and service catalogue, and, most importantly, continued relevance and industry-leading approach and ability to assist today’s global and regional enterprises to survive and thrive in the dynamic markets they face.

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