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New EY-Adobe alliance responds to tide of digital disruption

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

A new strategic alliance with Adobe that will expand EY’s digital experience and web content services to help clients with their digital transformations was announced recently.  The alliance will help EY clients to implement large-scale digital services and integrate insights from Adobe Analytics into Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Norman Lonergan, EY Global Vice Chair, Advisory, filled us in on the high points.


Can you explain the strategic alliance between EY and Adobe?

Digital disruption has put customers in the driver’s seat. Organizations need to be able to create more persuasive, relevant and personal digital experiences that maximize engagement and drive business growth.  By teaming with Adobe, we offer an integrated approach across clients’ strategy, customer, creative, experience, analytics, and technology functions that helps clients fast-track their digital journey.

Delivered on the Adobe Experience Manager platform (AEM), EYs digital solutions enable clients to create personal and engaging experiences across the web, social and mobile channels.  Our collaborative alliance with Adobe combined with our deep industry-specific digital and experience-by-design leading practices inspire us to ask better questions. We work with Adobe to co-create more innovative answers, drawing on our strategy and organizational change competencies, as well as our systems integration and web analytics capabilities.

 How will the move help EY to build on their own technology platforms?

Our Adobe alliance team includes digital and analytics professionals who are trained, experienced, or certified on the Adobe AEM platform and Adobe analytics. Our consultants have led a number of enterprise projects that have leveraged the Adobe Suite, and have specialized in AEM and Adobe Analytics, to name two.  Some of our consultants are also among the premier Adobe system integrators in the industry.  Our frameworks and component libraries are tailored for the AEM platform. At the same time, our Adobe-specific proprietary technology includes aggregation and transformation blueprints for incorporation into big data environments, as well as automated tools for Adobe Analytics implementation.

We also work with clients to optimize their Adobe technology stack around digital analytics, including Adobe tool assessments, gap analysis, governance models, and strategic roadmaps for analytics. As well, we have a proprietary analytics maturity assessment model that we use to strategically score clients’ digital analytics practices.

How will the alliance benefit EY clients?

Adobe’s software solutions and services empower emerging artists to global brands — to bring

Norman Lonergan

Norman Lonergan

digital creations to life and deliver them to the right person at the right moment for the best results.  Together, EY’s strategic alliance with Adobe will enable us to deliver powerful large-scale digital solutions to both mid-market and large organizations and agencies, and further develop our market leadership in digital experience management.

For example, we worked with one client that wanted to rethink how it could reach its millions of its members, volunteers and supporters through digitization.  As a volunteer organization, the organization needed to be able to create a single, consistent experience for recruiting and communicating with its volunteers. Though EY’s digital ecosystem, we were able to deliver not only systems integration and technical solutions on Adobe’s AEM platform, and analytics needed to be able to personalize experiences and deliver individually focused content, but also the capabilities that enable digital transformations to deliver sustained results: strategy and design, process and governance, and people and organizational change management.

 What are the other takeaways here?

The market is being impacted by disruptive trends and a changing competitive landscape.  We’re also seeing new, non-traditional players entering the market, introducing new models and different value chains.

As a result, we must keep evolving to solve the big, complex industry issues that help clients grow, optimize and protect their businesses, and move quickly to invest in and introduce new

opportunities and services.  Strategic alliances are an important component of our growth strategy, as we create new offerings, and bring in new skills, tools and services to sell to clients.  We have formed 18 alliances in the last three years.  These strategic relationships such as the one with Adobe recently announced bring innovative capabilities and technologies to our clients and strengthen our ability to identify and develop new services and programs.

Alliances and acquisitions are an important part of EY’s growth story. EY has acquired and formed alliances with companies in the digital space worldwide to bring innovative capabilities and technologies closer to its clients globally, with enhanced capabilities in digital design; advanced analytics for smart manufacturing; technology platforms for large-scale web, application servicing and commerce portals; data analytics strategy; cybersecurity and cloud-based identity and access management services; and mobile advertising.




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