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A Variety of Experiences Versus A Gold Watch

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Gabrielle Bosché has come to understand what makes her generation tick and her credentials highlight how recognized her efforts have been. She’s the author of several books including 5 Millennial Myths: The Handbook for Managing and Motivating Millennials, is currently working with PwC on their engagement strategy for that generation and has presented before hiring managers at Deloitte, Accenture and KPMG.

She starts our conversation talking about how her desire to understand Millennials led her to research the best practices to build authentic relationships with the generation born between 1980 and 2000, finally culminating with her becoming the Founder and CEO of The Millennial Solution, LLC, a Millennial-run training and consulting company bridging the generation gap. The differences in perceptions between this generation and older ones was the impetus that first motivated her.

Military Generals

“I noticed a lot of people were asking the same questions as me, but a lot of them were older and didn’t look like me,” says the Millennial expert who has even worked with top military generals on retention campaigns. To get a bigger picture of what stimulates her generation, she’s spent the last two years working on a primary data component and put together some impressive empirical statistics.

The results buck a lot of the existing assumptions and create some new ideas about what these Gabrielle Boschepost-boomers expect from their employment and work/life balance. Her data shows that although many big corporations ( including the Big Four) pump literally hundreds of thousands of dollars into training and educating younger prospects, many leave before these organizations can see a good return on their investments.

“After two years, many of these individuals leave,” says Bosché. “They leave for more money or for a different experience or because they’re bored.” With an average cost of $150,000 dollars to replace one of these employees, it’s no wonder companies are asking Bosché to explain the phenomenon.

Exit Data

“When I look over the exit data, the number one reason for leaving is their relationship with their direct supervisor. “ She also notes the average Millennial will stay at their job between two and three years. “The second reason that’s a lot more telling has to do with training and development opportunities. We crave personal development at work.”

She goes on to say that while past generations separated their professional from private lives more clearly, modern candidates are looking for the organizations to “make them better people,” with the likes of personal finance courses and health and wellness centers offered from the people who sign their checks.

In a complete about-face from previous generations that committed to a company for their entire working lives, this generation is also looking for the organization to commit to them first.

“Millennials want to know the company trusts them and is investing in them professionally and personally and are committed to making them the best asset possible.”

Learn more about Gabrielle Bosché and The Millennial Solution by following this link.

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