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Accenture Acquisition Has MIT Connection

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Accenture recently announced the  acquisition of OPS Rules, an analytics consulting company specializing in data science  applications that create supply chain and operations analytics. The move expands Accenture’s  machine learning and operations analytics capabilities for developing fresh and innovative analytics solutions for a variety of clients. Narendra Mulani, chief analytics officer, Accenture Analytics, explains:


What’s the history of the relationship between Accenture and OPS Rules?

Accenture was familiar with David Simchi-Levi, OPS Rules chairman and co-founder, through his role as a Professor of Engineering Systems at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as through his influence and expertise in the supply chain and operations analytics space. In fact, we collaborated together on research projects through the Accenture and MIT Alliance in Business Analytics.

Narendra Mulani

Narendra Mulani

Due to David’s leadership, the OPS Rules team has been tremendously innovative in applying machine learning to optimize business operations. With Accenture’s intent to acquire OPS Rules, we will look to expand our machine learning and operations analytics capabilities and gain immediate access to experts that apply machine learning and optimization techniques to develop fresh and innovative analytics approaches for clients.

What attracted Accenture to them?

OPS Rules has exceptional and very specialized talent that can create innovative analytics methods with machine learning and optimization techniques. As the demand for data science skills will only increase over time, this acquisition will continue to help us deliver new and unique data-driven opportunities to our clients. Additionally, David Simchi-Levi is one of the premier thought leaders in supply chain management and operations analytics.

What capabilities will the acquisition enhance for Accenture?

OPS Rules currently provides clients with strategic supply chain analysis, multi-echelon inventory optimization, custom supply chain analytics, supply chain risk management and dynamic pricing solutions.  Upon the close of the acquisition, Accenture will expand its machine learning and operations analytics capabilities and tap into the OPS team’s expertise to further deliver dynamic operations and pricing solutions that can help companies to enhance their business results.

How will Accenture’s clients benefit?

The OPS Rules team will become part of Accenture Analytics and be a part of Accenture’s Data Science Center of Excellence (DS CoE). While in the CoE, they will be focused on helping clients solve immediate and complex operational problems, including supply chain and manufacturing, through advanced analytics approaches such as machine learning. They’ll be enabling clients to pursue innovative insight-driven transformations.

What’s in the future?

It’s an exciting time to explore new innovative approaches to analytics that can help companies defend themselves from their competition and disrupt in their markets. We look forward to collaborating with the OPS Rules team and enhancing our ability to create greater data-driven value at scale for our clients.




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