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Accenture improving access to

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Accenture Federal Services is set to transform digital interactions for The U.S. Census Bureau by working with the agency’s five-year Digital Transformation Program. Accenture has been delivering  digital strategies to  the Census Bureau since 2011. This work builds on a redesign of the website that improves navigation and Ed Meehan, who leads Accenture’s work with federal safety and citizen services clients, walked us through the high points.

What is the United States Census Bureau looking to do?

The goal of digital transformation is to change the way in which the Census Bureau interacts with its customers and users of the wealth of data collected.  By redesigning and deploying to a new modernized web platform; migrating and transforming the millions of assets and records that exist; and leveraging modern digital analytics and dissemination capabilities, the Census Bureau is setting the stage to prepare for the first digital Census.

How is Accenture poised to help them achieve their goals?

As the Census Bureau’s digital transformation partner, Accenture is able to bring innovative

Ed Meehan

Ed Meehan

thinking and technology professionals to help the Census Bureau take advantage of today’s expectations around customer experience, service design, and digital operations.

Who will benefit from the transformation?

All users of Census data – students, survey respondents,educators, businesses, researchers, communities, organizations, governments, and all people – will benefit from the transformation.  The ability to access, use, and be informed by the data the Census Bureau collects in a way that is informative and impactful and focuses on understanding the customer experience is a key outcome of the Census Digital Transformation.

What’s the history behind Accenture’s involvement here?

Accenture was engaged in 2011 to help transform the Census Bureau’s website:  Under a 3 year contract, Accenture worked with the Census Bureau to develop an initial web transformation roadmap and to replatform the legacy website to a new platform built on modern web technologies.  This new 5-year award represents the next generation of the Census Bureau’s digital transformation to take advantage of digital capabilities, tools, and technologies.

What will the digital transformation work include?

The work includes the development of a 5-year digital roadmap that builds on the success achieved during the 3-year web transformation effort, but expands to include transforming and migrating all Census content currently on the web to a new based content management system; deploying responsive design capabilities onto to provide access to regardless of platform (mobile, tablet, desktop etc.) expanding the development of a customer experience management analytics platform that provides the Census Bureau with insights into customer feedback, web usage, content interest and the like; development of modern web search functions including a pioneering answers platform that provides visitors with a google-like experience when searching for Census content; the development and deployment of specific digital communications strategies supporting public facing data such as economy-wide statistics; supporting the development of an enterprise platform to disseminate Census data; and the development of key customer relationship and digital communications functionality.

What plans are in the future?

Census will release expanded search and navigation capabilities, expand analytics capabilities, and begin to look at the impact of new integrated digital tools to support the Census’s goals for the 2020 decennial.


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