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Approaching A Frictionless Process In The Cloud

By Rob Starr, Content Manager
One of the most interesting findings from The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2017, released by PwC US in conjunction with CIO and CSO, goes beyond the fact 59% of respondents reported increased cybersecurity spending as a result of digitization to the point 63% of survey respondents say they run IT services in the cloud.
When advanced technologies and cloud architectures combine and work together, organizations are more nimble at responding to threats, according to David Burg, PwC’s US and Global Leader, Cybersecurity and Privacy. He started a conversation with by supplying some reasons for the shift in the way organizations view the cloud.

Two Factors
“I think there are two main factors. There’s been wave after wave of increasing awareness around the risks related to cybersecurity in the last five years at the senior executive level and of course for the consumer,” he said. “The other factor that we see in this report that’s very important is that leading companies are being more proactive rather than reactive.”
There’s also a consensus about a big part of the future of cybersecurity taking full advantage of the online software and services that are collectively termed the cloud. The growing trust is reflected in that not only do 63% of respondents use these services, but around one third trust cloud providers to handle both operations and finance needs.
Jumping On Board
Like a number of his contemporaries, Burg remembers being hesitant about jumping on board

David Burg

David Burg

with this shared resource model at first and how what he learned at a meeting helped to change his early opinion.
“I remember being very surprised a couple of years ago when I was talking with a multinational retail client. They made the argument that the cloud was actually quite safe and said that some of the elite U.S. intelligence agencies were relying on it.”
He furthers today’s cybersecurity capability in this collective computing experience “can be quite extraordinary” leading to new simplified business processes.

Huge Swaths
“It’s fascinating to see some of the largest financial services firms in the world moving huge swaths of their infrastructure to the cloud,” Burg says. The pace of business digitization has brought other innovations and another focus from the report centered on advanced authentication technologies. In fact, 57% of survey respondents have adopted biometrics.
That move is geared toward what’s being described as the end goal of a “frictionless process” where organizations are looking to steer away from the password to create better security and end user experience.
“The data now tells us that trend is significant, accelerating and important from both  perspectives,” Burg said.
You can read the full PwC survey here.

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