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Autonomic and Cognitive Technologies Get Boost From Deloitte and IPsoft

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

A new alliance between Deloitte and IPsoft  will develop go-to-market strategies and consulting services  around IPsoft’s autonomic and cognitive solutions – IPcenter and Amelia.  Deloitte will add their consulting expertise to the mix in the hope of establishing industry-focused solutions to resolve known IT pain points for clients. IPsoft’s Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Crane, supplied us with the following:

What’s the background to this latest segment of the  IPsoft and Deloitte Consulting LLP  alliance?

Deloitte and IPsoft have a previous history of collaboration, and this alliance is aimed at deepening that relationship. Over the years, Deloitte and IPsoft have often collaborated on IT transformation projects such as, for example, validating  IPcenter’s automation claims when deployed in client’s IT infrastructure. The purpose of this agreement is to formalize and significantly increase those efforts to bring the highest level of counsel and support in autonomics and cognitive technologies to leading companies around the world.  IPsoft is a global leader in digital labor and can help Deloitte clients capitalize on the latest autonomic and cognitive solutions.

What’s involved? 

This alliance is centered around IPsoft’s IPcenter (autonomic technology) and their virtual agent

Jonathan Crane

Jonathan Crane

Amelia (cognitive technology). Deloitte will be providing consulting services around each of these technologies, and IPsoft will provide licenses to Deloitte’s clients directly. In addition, a center of excellence for IPsoft technologies is being set up within Deloitte to sharpen expertise in both of platforms so that new Deloitte offerings can be shaped around these solutions.

What is it hoping to accomplish?

The new IPsoft automation capability is expected to drive growth for Deloitte and capitalize on the market appetite for autonomic solutions more broadly. In fact, Gartner predicts that self-learning automation solutions will be a “top 5” investment priority for more than 30 percent of CIOs by 2020,1 fueling market growth for robotic automation at a CAGR 60.5 percent.

For IPsoft the new alliance augments deployment capability for IPcenter and Amelia amongst Fortune 500 and government bodies where demand for automation driven solutions is growing rapidly.  Digital transformation of any business requires professional consultative leadership, the very foundation of Deloitte’s reputation and competency.

What’s in the future?

Deloitte and IPsoft understand that the future of work will be powered by autonomic and cognitive technologies. As stewards of this vision, both companies are working together to bring the highest levels of expertise and the most robust technologies in market to their clients, arming them with the tools to maintain a competitive edge and capitalize on the workplace of the future.


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