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Baltimore-Based Global Commerce & Information Wins Accenture’s Second Annual “Small Business of the Year” Award. We Get The Inside Story

Accenture Federal Services established the “Small Business of the Year” award last year to highlight supplier diversity and the company’s appreciation of the small business community nationwide.  Nominees were rated on three core areas: technical quality, financial management and overall program management and Global Commerce & Information (Global CI) won the award this year for its outstanding work on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Information Technology Support Services Contract (ITSSC). David Moskovitz, Chief Executive, Accenture Federal Services, supplied some background about the award and this year’s recipient.

What is the history of the ‘Small Business of the Year’ award?

AFS established the “Small Business of the Year” award in 2013 to demonstrate our commitment and appreciation to a proven strategic small business partner who has demonstrated outstanding contract performance and partnership. Our first recipient, Mount Airey Group Inc., was selected for its outstanding contribution to our wok with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Mount Airey specializes in identity management and authorization solutions.

What is Accenture hoping to accomplish by giving it out?

We actively cultivate relationships with small business partners as a critical component in “high performance” delivery.  These relationships allow us to leverage complimentary skills


David Moskovitz

and experience to bring long-term value to our clients and to drive outstanding contract delivery. Our small business network is designed to help businesses grow, as well as serving as strategic partners to Accenture.  The AFS Small Business programs –  including outreach efforts and industry events, the Small Business of the Year award, and Mentor Protégé programs – promote and encourage competitive subcontracting opportunities by  embracing partnering relationships through outreach, qualification, training, education and utilization. The State Department’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business presented AFS with the Prime Contractor Small Business Subcontracting Award, recognizing that we had exceeded our small business target by nearly 30 percent (targeted: 55 percent, delivered 80.9 percent – FY13). And the Department of Homeland Security approved Accenture and Vius for participation in the department’s Mentor/Protégé Program, which encourages private-sector relationships and expands DHS’ efforts to support the developmental needs of veteran-owned small businesses.  Small businesses make for outstanding teammates.  A diverse group of suppliers enables us to deliver strong outcomes for our federal customers. Accenture formalized its supplier diversity program more than a decade ago, and is a corporate member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council; the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council; the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce; and the National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms.

What is the criteria for winning?

The process for this award is driven through subcontractor performance ratings gathered in 3 areas – technical quality, financial management, and overall program management. Small business subcontractors with the highest ratings were eligible to be nominated.  Nominated companies were then presented to a Selection Committee of AFS leadership, who also considered the endorsements of each nominated business’ program team.

What made this year’s recipient stand out?

Global Commerce and Information (Global CI) demonstrates all of the elements AFS looks for in an ideal business partner.  Global CI has been a long standing subcontractor to AFS, with several active resources supporting programs in many unique skill areas and bringing deep experience to our teams.  Global CI resources are always collaborative in completing activities as well as supporting our clients.  Global CI leadership is always available to discuss program requirements. Their strong relationships, understanding of business processes, flexibility in collaboration with Accenture, and ready access to providing local technical skills clearly differentiates Global CI. Their resources bring a can-do attitude which mirrors the cultural motivations of Accenture people dedicated to client missions.

What’s in the future for the award?

While we are only in the second year of the award, we look forward to continuing to utilize the “Small Business of the Year” award to recognize and reward superior small business contract performance.


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