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Bespoke Search Group’s Chris Myers Shows Us How To Go Fishing For Jobs With The Right Tools In Part Two of A Three Part Series On Resumes

By Rob Starr, Content Manager.

“When you go fishing, you need to pick the right bait for the right kind of fish,” Chris Myers, Managing Partner at Bespoke Search Group – The Accounting & Finance Division of Windsor Resources says by way of starting off the second part of our conversation on the importance of

Chris Myers

Chris Myers, Bespoke Search Group – The Accounting & Finance Division of Windsor Resources.


“In this case, your resume is the bait and the fish is the client or the job you’re going after.”


Formatting the resume correctly is akin to setting the hook just right and Myers stresses a few important features here including the underutilized Microsoft Word Format Painter Tool.

“In most cases, you need to use one font and one size. The only place where you might need to use a different size is with your name at the top of the page to make it bigger,” he says adding that mixing and matching fonts and sizes makes the resume inconsistent.

He’s big on analogies and uses another one from the world of art to illustrate another point about how formatting is essential if you want your resume to make a good first impression.

“In most pieces of artwork they use a consistent theme throughout. They don’t use water colors on the left hand side of the page and then start an expressionist paint on the right hand side.”

Consistency is key in everything from the text to all the bullet points when you’re looking to stand apart. Myers is adamant that looking over all the details when it comes to formatting is just as important as the content.

Format Painter

“It demonstrates you can not only make the data, but articulate and show it,” he says adding the Format Painter is a huge timesaver and a great way to get the uniformed look you should be striving for.

It’s also important to fill the page from top to bottom and left to right to give any resume a professional air and stretch the content so there are no unsightly white spaces left.

“You want to be able to structure the resume so it’s easy on the eyes.”



Next Week: Sweating The Details







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