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Capgemini’s cloud-based EnergyPath explained

By Rob Starr, Content Manager.

Capgemini recently completed the implementation of cloud-based EnergyPath, a qualified SAP partner solution, with Houston-based Excelerate Energy. Robert Stephens, Vice President and North America Oil & Gas Lead, Capgemini, fills us in on the details.

       Can you fill us in on what EnergyPath is all about?

EnergyPath is a pre-configured, SAP-qualified solution for the oil and gas industry. The solution has been developed over the past eight years and focuses in the areas that help these companies grow. These areas include finance, procurement, sales, services, manufacturing and maintenance.  EnergyPath can be deployed on a myriad of infrastructure

Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens

options including public and private cloud.  It’s a proven solution that offers our clients a faster and more cost-effective way to deploy SAP.

      How will it provide Excelerate Energy with robust finance, procurement and sales capabilities while helping it to manage future growth?

EnergyPath is built on SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP), which provides Excelerate Energy with a long-term, feature-rich platform for continued growth.  Whether the growth is domestic or international, Excelerate Energy has made an ERP selection for the long term.  EnergyPath is a pre-configured solution which is certified annually by SAP, thus providing Excelerate Energy with an upgrade-proof solution as SAP continues to develop its ERP platform.

       What other market needs will it fill?

In addition to liquefied natural gas, EnergyPath is designed to meet the needs of clients within oilfield services (including drilling, hydraulic fracturing, compression and manufacturing), midstream (including regulated and non-regulated pipelines) and refining. The solution is based on pre-designed configurations with industry-relevant templates, so that they can streamline operations and enable growth no matter what market they’re in.

       What are the biggest takeaways from this announcement?

With a pre-configured SAP solution available on the public cloud, Capgemini is enabling our customers to view their ERP choices in a completely new light. Given the current market opportunities in the oil and gas industry, companies can’t afford to slow growth by tying up capital funds in a drawn out implementation of an ERP system.

      What does the future hold?

The roadmap for EnergyPath includes additional analytical capabilities and increased mobile access, along with technology enhancements (HANA-enablement was completed in 2014) and increased integration with both SAP (Ariba and SuccessFactors) and non-SAP products.



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