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Capgemini secures a multi-million dollar euro contract extension from Nokia

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Capgemini has secured a multi-million dollar euro contract extension from Nokia.  The additional three-year agreement will see Capgemini continuing to optimize Nokia’s  order management operations worldwide. The previous agreement, which was due to expire in 2017, and has now been extended to 2020, further strengthens the alliance that began in 2010. The work will include  preparation for delivery, distribution and customer invoicing for Nokia throughout its global network.  Alain Robbe, Senior Vice President, Capgemini BPO, answered some questions via email for


     Can you supply a brief overview of the relationship between Nokia and Capgemini?

Capgemini has been working in collaboration with Nokia since 2010, when they selected us as their trusted partner to manage their supply chain services. This scope includes customer order processing, procurement and inventory management, distribution and invoicing. We perform these services for their countries around the globe. The current contract was set to conclude in 2017 and has now been extended for a period of three years through 2020. 

     What can you tell us about the customer order management services being provided?

The most substantial challenges Nokia originally faced were centered on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimization to decrease transaction costs while enhancing end customer focus. Capgemini responded by engaging its BPO Supply Chain Management solution (SCM) to tackle these key areas. Capgemini will continue to provide Order Management services, such as Preparation for Delivery, Customer Order Management, Distribution, Customer Invoicing and Direct Procurement services for all of Nokia’s operational regions.  

    How does the Global Enterprise Model (GEM) fit in?

The Global Enterprise Model (GEM) is our proprietary business model with seven Levers of transformation which we operationalize in all our client engagements. For Nokia, we deployed our first three levers of location, competency and grade mix to find the right people in the right delivery centers

Alain Robbe

Alain Robbe

that aligned to Nokia’s supply chain needs. With the help of the fourth lever (Global Process Model© or GPM©) we consolidated 17,000 regional desktop procedures into 41 globally and further optimized them with the appropriate controls. Lever 5 deals with best-fit technology platform selection, in this case it was BPOpen®. Lever 6 focused on aligning pricing levers to business outcomes and Lever 7 encompassed real-time monitoring and reporting, providing Nokia tools to assess service-level accountability.  

    What role does the BPOpen® platform play?

BPOpen® is our proprietary IP product platform. Its core components include Workflow and Workflow Management, Approval Management, Document Management, Query Management and Service Reporting. The key benefits are speed-to-value, simplicity and transparency.

     What’s in the future?

Capgemini is now recognized by Nokia as an “Iridium” supplier – their highest ranking supplier award that is bestowed to less than one percent of their partner suppliers. This is a further testament to the efforts of all the teams involved in this project. We are proud of the collaborative business relationship we’ve cultivated with Nokia over the past five years and hope to expand the relationship to support Nokia’s growth ambitions.

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