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Capgemini uses a trusted Blueprint to increase global growth

By Rob Starr, Content Manager.

Capgemini and Blueprint, an innovator and global leader in accelerating and de-risking large, complex IT projects, recently announced a resale agreement promising to increase potential  for strategic customer growth internationally. Capgemini will continue to leverage Blueprint’s large selection of requirements management capabilities which are essential to the deployment and value delivery of Capgemini solutions across multiple industries.  Anand Moorthy, Vice President, Global Testing Practice, Financial Services, Capgemini, answered some questions about the deal with Martin Saipe, SVP, Corporate Development, Blueprint, responding to the third query.

What’s the history of the business relationship between Capgemini and Blueprint?


Anand Moorthy

Capgemini has been a customer and partner of Blueprint for several years.  Through its use of the Blueprint solution, Capgemini has created a significant library of pre-packaged content which can be used to accelerate and enhance Capgemini’s service offerings.  Additionally, Capgemini has created specific solutions, such as model-based testing, that are leverage Blueprint’s capabilities. After years of usage and joint value creation, both parties felt it was time to enter into a strategic reseller agreement enabling Capgemini to resell Blueprint directly into its customer ecosystem.

How does the new agreement increase the ability for strategic customer growth worldwide? 

The new agreement allows Capgemini to directly sell and package Blueprint into industry solutions, application development COEs and managed testing engagements.  It also accelerates Blueprint’s distribution capabilities into new geographies and industry verticals.

What does Blueprint add?

Answered by Martin Saipe, SVP, Corporate Development, Blueprint 

Blueprint_Martin_04 (2)

Martin Saipe

Blueprint adds value to many of Capgemini’s core technology offerings.  Capturing business needs and requirements upfront is essential to the creation, enhancement and maintenance of business applications.  Simply put, adding Blueprint allows a company to reinforce the processes associated with the front end of their SDLC.  Blueprint facilitates story telling within an organization to ensure the right user stories are created, acceptance criteria are auto-generated and documentation is available.

What shape does Capgemini’s involvement take?  

Capgemini has built a library of standardized and certified requirements that can be re-used across engagements.  By using these pre-built models, Capgemini can accelerate project delivery, decrease total cost of ownership and auto-generate user stories, test cases,  and acceptance criteria.  To date, Capgemini has been primarily leveraging Blueprint in Financial Services but we’re exploring additional verticals and new industry solutions together.

What’s in the future for this alliance? 

Blueprint’s multiple front-end editors and powerful back-end automation is a winning formula.  Capgemini intends to bundle Blueprint into many of its pre-packaged and custom offerings to help Capgemini continue to provide value to its global enterprise customers.


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