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Deloitte Foundation Announces 2016 Doctoral Fellowships in Accounting

By Rob Starr,

The Deloitte Foundation  awarded $25,000 grants to 10 top accounting Ph.D. candidates recently through the Deloitte Foundation’s annual Doctoral Fellowship program. This year’s recipients and the institutions they attend are:

  • Jordan M. Bable                          University of Pittsburgh
  • Matthias Breuer                         University of Chicago
  • Kamber Hetrick                        University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign
  • Ken Li                                          Stanford University
  • Brian R. Monsen                         The University of Texas at Austin
  • Francis C. Murphy                         University of Arizona
  • James D. Omartian                       University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  • Heidi A. Packard                        Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Robert A. Raney                               University of Washington
  • Delphine Samuels                        University of Pennsylvania

Carol Lindstrom, president, Deloitte Foundation, supplied with an interesting primer.

Can you supply a quick overview/history of the Deloitte Foundation?

The Deloitte Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that promotes excellence in teaching, research and curriculum innovation in accounting, business and related fields within the U.S. The foundation, founded in 1928, supports an array of national programs that are relevant to a variety of professional services and that help develop the talent of the future and their influencers.
Another critical initiative is Deloitte LLP’s RightStepTM education strategy. Both the Deloitte Foundation and RightStep aim to set students from elementary school through graduate school on the path to success, using education as a tool to build confidence, foster trust, and encourage innovation – and thereby helping today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders.

How does the Doctoral Fellowship Program tie in and what is it?

Since 1956, the Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship Program has provided financial support to outstanding doctoral students in accounting as they complete their coursework and

Carol Lindstrom

Carol Lindstrom

dissertations. Through the program, up to ten outstanding doctoral candidates are selected each year to be Deloitte Foundation Fellows. Since the program’s inception, more than 1,000 students have been named Deloitte Foundation Fellows. This program helps address the PhD shortage by supporting the pipeline of accounting doctoral students, who educate the future talent of our profession.

How are the recipients chosen?

Fellows are selected by a faculty committee consisting of eminent accounting educators. Candidates are recommended to the committee by the faculties of their departments and are among the top doctoral students.

How does the award benefit students?

Each fellow receives financial support to help cover expenses during their final year of coursework and dissertation period. The grants help make it possible for top candidates to complete their degree while often supporting a family at the same time. In addition, being selected as a Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellow is a prestigious honor that strengthens fellows’ resumes in the eyes of potential employers.

Moreover, these fellows make an impact on future students, which extends the benefits of the award: We have supported more than 1,000 doctoral students in accounting since the program’s inception, and those 1,000-plus PhDs collectively have taught or will teach millions of students over the course of their careers.

What’s in the future for the program?

The foundation is proud to continue its support for this very important initiative, which is helping to make it possible for the best and brightest professors to be in the classroom teaching the future talent of our profession.

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