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Deloitte Talks About How Social Media Is Doing The Legwork For The Modern Job Search

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

With statistics telling us there are two million students ready to graduate this fall with their bachelor’s degrees, competition has never been more fierce for jobs. Patty Pogemiller, national director of talent acquisition & mobility at Deloitte, understands what these recent graduates are going through even in what appears to be an improving economy and she’s shared a few thoughts on the importance of networking in these digital times and how that ties into looking for a job.

“I think there are a couple of things that haven’t changed, but the way that you go about them

Patty Pogemiller

Patty Pogemiller

has ,” she told recently adding Deloitte is still interested in building relationships with students early in their academic careers in the hopes of getting the best and brightest to come and work for the firm.

“The second thing that’s not changed is people leverage personal relationships to help them get jobs.”

Of course the big changes have come not in those end goals with the advent of technology and social media, but in the tools both business and students are using to achieve them. It all begs the question about the best practices for students looking to leverage social media in a job hunt.

Multi-pronged approach

“It’s best to have a multi-pronged approach to the connection points,” Pogemiller says adding it’s beneficial for candidates to have access to Deloitte LinkedIn sites, career pages and even connect directly with recruiters via social media.

“People can use technology to do a lot more of the legwork around their job searches whereby before it was more word of mouth.”

Using modern technology tools also helps recent graduates and even recent hires to ask the right questions and ensure there’s a fit with a new or prospective employer and an organization’s culture. She goes on to tell us how as technology plays an increasing role matching the younger generation with future employers, Deloitte has seen fit to keep pace by drastically changing their recruiting process. She points to the fact her company has recently embraced video interview technology that everyone seems enthusiastic about.

More efficient

“For us, it makes the whole process more efficient and for the recruit, it makes everything more flexible as they are able to interview at their convenience in their home as opposed to needing to fly someplace across the country.”

She says Deloitte is finding the students are very comfortable with the technology given other examples like YouTube they have worked into their personal lives.

Pogemiller also points out Deloitte has further leveraged technology for job seekers on their website by improving their job search functionality and the job descriptions they offer online.




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