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Deloitte’s CFO survey optimistic despite currency exposure, equity markets and global economic concerns

By Rob Starr, Content Manager. 

Deloitte released its first quarter 2015 CFO Signals survey recently highlighting a ninth-straight quarter of north American optimism  despite some rising uncertainties. Greg Dickinson is the leader of Deloitte LLP’s CFO Signals™, a quarterly survey of CFOs from many of North America’s largest and most influential companies. He answered some of our questions about the mostly positive news via email.

What’s behind the overall positive attitude found in the report? 

Largely the continued improvement of North American economies. Leading up to this quarter’s survey, many positive numbers were coming out on the US economy in particular, and most of the companies in the survey are heavily reliant on US markets.

What uncertainties linger?

There are still strong concerns about how the US economy will fare as other major economic

Greg  Dickinson

Greg Dickinson

zones struggle. And there are other worries about the effect a very strong US dollar will have on exports and the value of foreign earnings.

What are some of the other big takeaways? 

We focused on the topic of shareholder activism in this quarter’s survey, and I think the results were very interesting. Most companies appear to be facing some form of activism, and most of them are changing some of what they do as a result.

What’s in the future?

Economic performance of the US will be a continuing focus – because there are still strong worries about how long improvement can continue with Europe and China struggling. The possibility of Fed interest rate increases plays into this, too.

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