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Deloitte’s Unique Family Leave Program Supplies Inclusive Umbrella

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Deloitte has taken the lead when it comes to compassionate, inclusive family leave by offering a program that includes professionals seeking to look after a spouse or significant other, aging parent or celebrate the arrival of a new addition by factoring in short-term disability for childbirth.

Aptly named, The Deloitte Family Leave Program, it’s the first of its kind among the Big Four accounting/consulting firms because it offers an extra layer of support in the caregiving space by recognizing evolving family dynamics and the changing needs of Deloitte professionals. Both men and women will be able to apply for up to 16 weeks of leave covering a wide gamut of life events that include childcare that carries on after the birth stage, elder and spousal care.

Deloitte’s ‎National Managing Director of Well-Being, Jen Fisher, took a few moments to walk us

Jen Fisher

Jen Fisher

under the high points of this new caregiving umbrella that took effect last month.

“As an organization where our people are the assets and their brain power is what we sell to our clients and the marketplace, we’re continually looking to make sure the benefits and resources are meeting the needs of the people,” she said. In a recent external marketplace survey, Deloitte found that 88% of respondents favored paid time off that went beyond the standard parental leave.

The new policy speaks to a broader shift encompassing a talent strategy focusing on business products and the well being of the professionals that make up the fabric of the Deloitte organizational culture.

“When we think about innovation,” Fisher says, “we think about how that centers around talent and what’s required for them to come to work and serve our clients in a place where they are happy and engaged so they can deliver their best.”

She went on to talk about how the changing mosaic of society mirrored the makeup of the people who work for Deloitte.

“The ways that we define family is constantly evolving. When you look at the corporate workforce, you see that it is multigenerational and we’re stepping up to meet that need across the entire spectrum of our professional’s journey.”

“We want to be there when they become new parents, but also when things happen because life does happen,” she says.


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