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EY gets Capitol Hill experience for its legislative group in Washington, D.C.

By Rob Starr, Content Manager  

Amy Jensen Cunniffe’s new job as a Principal for EY’s legislative group in Washington, D.C. will take her out of her most recent endeavor as an independent consultant to focus on health care for the Big Four firm’s clients. She has a strong background in health policy as well as tax, labor, Social Security and general business issues.

She also has an excellent balance of corporate work in her portfolio—having been Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for Caris Life Sciences. Her government work includes Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs in the George W. Bush Administration where she served as the personal liaison to the White House for 77 bipartisan members of Congress.

Twenty Year Career

 Amy Jensen Cunniffe

Amy Jensen Cunniffe

Her twenty-year career spans Capitol Hill, the Administration, trade associations, and the corporate world and brings outstanding depth to her new position with EY. When we sat down to talk with her recently, found her sense of humility was one of the attributes left off her impressive list of credentials.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have some unique opportunities, mostly by luck and good fortune,” she said.

“I feel like I’ve had a terrific career and I’m really lucky to be able to work with good people at Ernst and Young.”

Her past background and understanding of the political and legislative process were one of the big draws to her new role which is about helping EY’s clients fix or solve problems they are having with the government and navigate the process toward solutions that work.

“Because I’ve worked in government and understand how decisions are made, it allows me to help our clients better understand the dynamics and environment in which they’re operating,” she says. “That allows us to work together in a collaborative way.”

Industry In Transition

Health care is a great example of an industry in transition where both private companies and government entities are looking for ways to navigate the shifting landscape. She stresses that while there are other factors at play in this field, The Affordable Health Care Act, remains one of the focal points.

“There is a lot of change ongoing at this point where people are trying to anticipate if Congress will make changes to the Act, and if there will be a point where the law is significantly impacted by court decisions and litigations.”

The depth of Jensen Cunniffe’s experience is an excellent fit for EY as she builds bridges between new laws and regulations and their implementation for EY’s clients.

“Policy tends to move pretty quickly,” she concludes. “If you’re a company that might be impacted by those decisions and you’re not looking to try and make sure that policy turns out in the best way from your perspective, you could be left with an undesirable outcome.”





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