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EY and LinkedIn Form Strategic Business Alliance

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

 In an attempt to empower organization’s  go-to-market efforts,  EY and LinkedIn recently announced a new strategic alliance to jointly offer services to foster the use of innovative sales techniques, social networks and technology.   Woody Driggs, Principal, Advisory Customer Practice Leader, EY, sees the alliance as an excellent way to leverage EY’s organizational strength and LinkedIn as a platform.  Following are some answers to the questions had about the initiative.

How did the strategic alliance between LinkedIn and EY come about?

For years now EY and LinkedIn have enjoyed a strong relationship. We have over 170,000 of our employees on their platform and we are one of the largest corporate users. As our relationship

Woody Driggs

Woody Driggs

has evolved, we found areas of shared purpose. This alliance is a direct outcome of their purpose of connecting the world’s professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful and EY’s purpose of building a better working world. It is a natural fit.

Who will it benefit?

EY’s extensive business transformation knowledge, data analytic capabilities and global reach combined with LinkedIn’s unique platform and networks can effectively transform relationship management. Together, the two organizations will help companies develop deeper and more trusted customer relationships through the use of social and data analytics. This strategic relationship will lead to collaboration on the co-creation of solutions and services.

How will it work?

EY and LinkedIn will collaborate to create products and services that build on the strength of LinkedIn’s business platform, combined with EY’s consulting capabilities with global enterprises.

EY will also work with LinkedIn to build a joint offering aimed at socially enabling both EY and LinkedIn clients by deploying Sales Navigator across the enterprise.

How will social and data analytics be used?

Data analytics and technology have transformed the way companies operate. Together, EY and LinkedIn will provide organizations with leading edge tools to navigate those changes.


Ultimately it is about enabling companies to ask better questions and do powerful things with the answers.

For example, many companies may ask, “What’s my digital strategy?” However the better question is “What’s my strategy in the digital world?”

Through the Sales Navigator platform, companies will be able to leverage insights to find who in their organization has the best relationships or identify their social media influencers. Having those insights, and leveraging EY’s Sales effectiveness capabilities and global reach, creates endless opportunities to build trust among clients and prospects. That is transforming sales in the digital age.

Why and how is LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool central?

EY firms will integrate LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator into its own operations by providing tens of thousands of EY people with the product. This will enhance the effectiveness of its own internal social selling efforts. EY currently has almost 175,000 people on LinkedIn, making it one of the largest engagers on the LinkedIn platform. EY will use its own experiences with Sales Navigator to develop the joint service offering.

What’s in the future for the alliance?

We’re excited about the future. While we will be delivering value for our clients out of the gate, we see this as a long-term strategic relationship, combining the strength of LinkedIn’s business platform with our global footprint and our experience in driving transformational change.


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