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Five Thousand More U.S. Veterans To Be Hired By Accenture By 2020

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Adding to the more than 1,000 former members of the U.S. Armed Forces currently employed by the company, Accenture plans to hire 5,000  U.S. veterans and military spouses in the next five years. The company recently launched a number of initiatives to attract former active-duty personnel and current reservists with the experience, skills or aptitude to be successful in a technology, operations or consulting career and they have even waived the standard college-degree requirement for some positions.

Chris McManus, who leads Management Consulting for Accenture’s Products operating group in North America and, as a former U.S. Army officer, is Executive Sponsor of this military recruiting initiative, answered some questions for us about this latest push.

Why the push to hire more veterans?

We are a talent-led business and veterans and military spouses add to the strength and

Christopher MacManus

Christopher McManus

success of our company by bringing many intangible skills that directly benefit the work we do for our clients, including a strong work ethic, commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and the ability to succeed in a fast-paced environment. Dozens of Accenture’s executives are veterans, and the military recruiting effort adds to our company’s commitment to being an inclusive and diverse workplace. Veterans may apply for positions at

Can you talk about the Accenture Veteran Technology Training Program and how it helps veterans become Java programmers?

The Accenture Veteran Technology Training Program is designed for those veterans with an aptitude for technology, who want to start a new career in this dynamic industry, but may not have the formal education or certifications necessary. Accenture is partnering with Udacity, an online education company, and providing scholarships for their Intro to Java Programming course. Veterans who complete the course are granted priority interviews for entry-level software engineering positions. These role typically require a four-year degree, but we are waiving that requirement for those with four years of military service who complete the training program. Once candidates are hired, they receive mentoring and further training to ensure a successful start to their careers in technology.

What else is Accenture doing to attract talent from military communities?

Accenture has a dedicated military recruiting team, who are all veterans, that focus on connecting with the military community across the country by offering workshops to improve their professional skills, attending career fairs and leveraging relationships with more than 100 military-focused agencies and nonprofits. We also encourage our employees to refer candidates and compensate those whose referrals are hired. We even apply analytics to determine skill sets and geographic locations of military candidates who correspond to our available jobs.

In addition to the Technology Training Program, we have two other primary military recruiting initiatives, the Accenture Student Veteran Program, a national effort to attract top veterans who are pursuing undergraduate and MBA degrees, and the Accenture Junior Military Officer Program, targeted at current military officers with three to seven years of leadership experience who could be a good fit for a consulting role across the more than 40 industries where we serve clients.

What are some of the big successes of the initiatives?

Accenture’s focus is not just on providing jobs, but high-quality career opportunities  – and each new veteran who is hired adds the overall fabric of our company.  Although only recently launched, the Technology Training Program currently has more than 250 veterans enrolled, with more added on a rolling-admission basis. We’ve already hired half a dozen people from that program.

Another successful initiative is our Military Career Coach,  an online tool that helps veterans translate their military skills and experience to the civilian workforce. The online tool was highlighted by Profiles in Diversity Journal when it recognized us as one of the Top 25 most influential companies in military hiring.  Accenture also is recognized as a Most Valuable Employer for Military®, a  G.I. Jobs’ Military Friendly Employer and a Military Times Best for Vets employer.

What’s in the future?

Today, we’re proud to count more than 1,000 veterans among our ranks. While our hiring 5,000 more over the next five years will add significantly more members of the military community to our U.S. employees, we will remain focused on attracting the best talent by offering top careers in technology, operations and consulting.



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