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Deloitte Alum Shows You How To Find Big 4 Recruiters on LinkedIn — INFOGRAPHIC

HOW TO: Find Big 4 Recruiters on LinkedIn

Getting your resume in front of the right Big 4 recruiter can often make the difference between getting an interview — or not. The steps in the infographic below, How To Find Recruiters on LinkedIn will help you quickly find most, if not all, of the recruiters currently working for the Big 4.

Once you’ve identified the entire population, you can scan your LinkedIn search results, or refine your search with additional terms, to find recruiters who specialize in your area of expertise.

Try this by following Step 1, plus Steps 3 through 6, below.  Ignore Step 2; you don’t need it here. You will find ready made Big 4 search strings for Steps 1 and 5, that you can copy and paste into LinkedIn’s advanced search fields for Title and Company, below the infographic.

Take These Simple Steps to Finding Your Target Recruiters

Step 1, LinkedIn Advanced Search: Title Search String

Use this search string in the Title field (substitute appropriate local terms if you’re in a non-English speaking country):

Candidate OR Diversity OR Employee Referral OR Employment OR Headhunter OR Recruiter OR Recruiting OR Recruitment OR Search OR Sourcer OR Sourcing OR Staffing OR Talent OR Passive 

Step 5, LinkedIn Advanced Search: Company Search String

Use this search string in the Company field (select Current when the option pops up):

Deloitte OR “Ernst & Young” OR “EY” OR KMPG OR Pricewaterhouse Coopers OR PwC

If you’re interested in firms beyond the Big 4, add their official and common names as well.

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