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Incoming U.S. Chairman at PwC steers into deeper diversity water

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

When you talk with new incoming U.S. Chairman at PwC, Tim Ryan, about his plans when he takes the helm July 1st it’s immediately clear his vision will steer the organization from the well chartered shallows of inclusive waters  and out into the deeper perspective of open diversity oceans.

His new team will not just be a mix of race, gender or sexual orientation, but also of  global experience and background, professional roles, educational background, and tenure with the firm.

“When you look at a traditional management style, my belief is that’s not going to inspire our people to reach their full potential ,” he said. “ The best way to help them is in giving them the

Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

leeway to be creative and empowering and trusting them so they can find the best ways to serve our clients and stakeholders.”

Lead With Me

His new leadership team will have 35% women, 40% minorities, 25% of those with an international perspective/born outside the U.S. and 1 LGBT representative. Although he spent weeks talking with partners and staff about how to better represent the workforce under a ‘ lead with me’ banner that fosters engagement and input, his work to change the nature of how PwC serves clients and stakeholders has deeper roots with other actions he’s taken over his tenure as  Vice Chairman – Markets, Strategy and Stakeholders Leader at PwC.

“I implemented at the firm what we call the 25% Challenge after our people told us they’d like to spend more time in their day with family, clients and each other. This was a principle based challenge to reduce the number of,  attendance at, and length of meetings by twenty five percent.”

Virtual Technology

He says the success of that initiative partially hinges on the investments the firm made in virtual technology.  Some of the other changes including a recently relaxed dress code highlight the trend away from formal rule and regulations to underline the fact PwC values the changing employee landscape.

That new shift not only includes a deeper mix on the new leadership team including a Belfast native and a committed LGBT community leader, but a move away from separate offices for management.

“Like many organizations, our leadership team used to sit on one floor,” Ryan said. “They will now sit with our people in different parts of our practice because our people want access to  share ideas and points of view.”







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