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Making The Best Of The Times

By Rob Starr, Content Manager
Charles Dickens once famously wrote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” as part of the opening to his famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities. That quote applies today when you consider how the shockwaves from The Great Recession have buffeted the financial landscape for almost a decade at a time when modern innovative thinking flourishes and blooms from the cracked economic base.

Salvatore Collemi

Salvatore Collemi

Entrepreneurs like Salvatore A Collemi, CPA, understand how those pieces fit together. In fact, after a long and wide ranging career working for others that included providing technical support to the SEC Practice Section Peer Review Committee, being a member of the Accounting and Auditing Oversight Committee for the NYSSCPA and being on staff at WeiserMazars where he was a leader of the firm’s Italy Desk, Collemi has taken the bold step of forming his own company to promote and enhance audit quality in public accounting firms and related organizations that support the public accounting profession in both the U.S. and abroad.

Arrows in his quiver

Collemi Consulting & Advisory Services, LLC was launched in 2016 because, like a lot of other well rounded professionals, Collemi felt working for others wasn’t allowing him to use all of the arrows in his quiver. He’d been through a gamut of experiences as a CPA allowing him to deal with a variety of practitioners from sole proprietors all the way up to the Big Four and his desire to give back through being on committees has given him a well-balanced perspective on the ingredients that make up a successful business.

“All that has certainly opened up my perspective on skills that can be used outside the scope of public accounting,” he said. “If you want to be successful you need to get along with different people.”


Collemi Consulting & Advisory Services, LLC’s mission statement aims for flexibility, offering his services to fill in when needed so companies aren’t required to have someone permanently on staff. Collemi has the perfect combination of technical and soft skills to fill the need in this underserved market segment.

He’s quick to point out that being an entrepreneur means being able to wear several different hats.

“It’s not only about your trade. You need to learn all the administrative aspects as well as the networking, branding and marketing and I learned those skills in the firms I worked for and through the volunteer work I did.”

Like many in the younger Millennial generation, Collemi was also looking to break the mold when he started his enterprise.

“One of the things that I learned in the profession is that you’re fighting a stereotype that all technical people in the back office are reading textbooks quoting standards and are all the same,” he said. “Not all technical people are like that and I’ve certainly tried to break that stereotype in my career.”

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One Response to Making The Best Of The Times

  1. Stephanie says:

    It’s true what Mr. Collemi says”getting along with different people can lead to success,” it’s also true that there’s a stereotype – and maybe success is not trying to fit into the “stereotype” but finding people that will accept you despite not fitting the mold. Additionally, if you have passion, your passion will lead you to success.