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New Accenture Insights Platform Offers An Analytics-as-a-Service Solution By The Drink

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Never being an organization that rests on its laurels, Accenture recently unveiled the Accenture Insights Platform, a cloud-based, end-to-end analytics solution that simplifies analytics and delivers real-time, actionable insights that make a decided difference for today’s competitive businesses.

The platform has a preconfigured, industrialized end-to-end architecture that typically can be

John Matchette

John Matchette

provisioned within 24 hours to generate actionable analytics in just weeks, contrasting with  conventional programs that can take months to provide results. John Matchette is the managing director, Accenture Analytics, and we spoke with him recently about this latest breakthrough.

“We’ve been doing analytics work on behalf of our clients since I’ve been with the company for the last 25 plus years,” he told There are three main areas of focus with the Accenture Insights Platform. Matchette explained the first, like a lot of other analytic solutions, has to do with speed.

“We wanted to be able to deliver solutions to our clients much faster than the market has been able to do before,” he said adding that Accenture wanted to have a client conversation enabling a platform to be presented the day after, and work to begin the following week.

Direct Approach

This direct approach is paying off with some notable examples. Thames Water, the largest provider of water and wastewater services in the UK, has used the applied advanced analytics supplied by the Accenture Insights Platform for more efficient water sourcing and remote monitoring of assets.

After Accenture had worked out a quicker way to bring these solutions to their clients, the company moved on to the next logical step which was changing the way they offered the commercial structures.

“This is where we get into the concept of consumption based software,” Matchette says.

This notion eliminates the need for initial large expenditures from companies and offers the option of buying their services using a more flexible Analytics-as-a-Service solution, or as Matchette calls it: “the ability to offer our clients really unique commercial constructs so they can consume our services by the drink.”

One Umbrella

The third aspect of this latest offering from Accenture is all about corralling all the organization’s capabilities and knowledge together under one umbrella. By marrying industry expertise with their analytics tools and flexible capabilities, the goal is a platform with components that are quickly customizable to meet any firm’s needs.

“We do have clients that have significant business problems that require analysis but not  necessarily an IT solution. In this case, we can ingest their data and do analytics and visualization and pump out an answer very quickly,” Matchette says by way of closing. “During the course of that analytics project, all they paid for was the software they used rather than a large upfront capital expenditure.”



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