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New US Recruiting Leader Has 20 Years With PwC And Several Senior Human Capital Roles To His Credit

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Rod Adams will lead the hiring of more than 15,000 full-time professionals and interns over the next year.

“My experience on the human capital side and being part of the team that creates our people strategy translates into my being able to work with our recruiting team and translate those strategies into messages that resonate with potential recruits,” he told recently from Chicago adding his new role will give him a broader appreciation for other important metrics like how market trends are affecting the growth strategies of PwC.

Adams has a wealth of experience that will serve him well as US Recruiting Leader. After starting in client service in PwC’s Assurance practice, he moved to several different recruiting positions like Central Region campus recruiting leader. He also served as the Greater Chicago Market HR leader before joining the US Advisory Human Capital team.

Recruiting Landscape

He also touched on the importance of the Millennial generation as it pertains to the overall

Rod Adams

Rod Adams

recruiting landscape.

“We feel pretty good that we understand what drives them,” he said referencing  PwC’s NextGen: A global generational study that was carried out in 2011 in cooperation with the University of Southern California and the London Business School. “One of the big things that drives them is wanting to do work that has purpose and understanding the impact the work they’re doing has. We’ve done a lot with the culture of our firm to make it inviting and welcoming to Millennials.”

One of the challenges Adams feels he’ll be dealing with as the business grows is looking for talent that differs slightly from the templates they’ve used in the past.

“We’re still going to be hiring accountants of course,” he explains, “but we’re expanding the profile of the types of candidates that we’re looking for. So we’re looking to tell our story and let candidates who might not be familiar with us know what the opportunities are in our environment.”

Providing Insight 

Another focus Adams explained has been and will continue to be providing insight into what students should be focusing on from a leadership perspective.

“Last year, we developed a webcast and  related workshops that we are hosting this year on campus centered around fostering leadership —  highlighting  issues such as giving and receiving feedback and the importance of communication.”

As well as continuing to develop PwC’s “Aspire to Lead” series that centers on the ways young women transition from campus to career, a new leadership development experience being rolled out at PwC

“This will have a very specific focus on building future leaders,” he said. “We’ve rolled out a new progression and development framework that supports this. It’s a focus on building leaders that we’re going to see in our recruiting process.”

It’s a focus the company is already targeting   internally in a combined effort to find and cultivate tomorrow’s best leadership candidates.

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