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New WeiserMazars’ Not-for-Profit Partner Brings Bird’s Eye View To Practice

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars’ recent addition of Ethan Kahn as a Partner in the Not-for-Profit Practice strengthens the firm for several good reasons including the fact Kahn is an accomplished CPA who testified in front of the NY State Senate for the Non-Profit Revitalization Bill. His nonprofit consulting expertise includes joint training with the mayor’s office and program contract and financial compliance as well as reporting capabilities. Perhaps of equal importance is his obvious altruistic approach to the esoteric and often challenging field. His enthusiasm for joining a firm he respected was obvious when we talked to him recently.

“When I begin talking to potential clients or current clients, frequently they’re overwhelmed and when they need to strain and struggle to get something out of their accountant, it’s just an added burden,” he said. “What I found in WeiserMazars is the individuals that are in this

Ethan Kahn

Ethan Kahn

industry are refined, very experienced, very knowledgeable and they look for excellence.”

We talked about the clients in the sector and the specific challenges they face.

“What they’re finding is their time, efforts and energy is being used on non-mission items like compliance with city, state, federal and funding agency requirements.”


Kahn also noted staying within the boundaries of these regulations and even avoiding further frustrations is made much easier by having a consultant with knowledge in the area so the client can get back to servicing the mission they originally intended. The work holds a personal satisfaction for him.

“I found this is the way to go,” he says. “I get joy and satisfaction from helping these agencies meet their mission while juggling all the other responsibilities they have.”

Often there’s a need for detail orientated insights into finances that cross over into the program and development arenas and therein lies the need for someone with what Kahn calls “the bird’s eye view to see the whole picture.” It’s that combination of detail and oversight he’s built his career and reputation on in all different types of charitable organizations. He’s been able to put together a wide gamut of the necessary understanding of the general spirit of the law, what the funding agencies and oversight agencies were looking for and what organizations of various sizes needed to do to comply.

As far as the direction they’ll be taking together in the future, Kahn sees nothing but positive things for his work with WeiserMazars.

“I see WeiserMazars really breaking through into a whole new echelon in the future of servicing the non-profit and exempt organizations industry. With their expertise and refined culture, they have the building blocks to be industry leaders,” he said.






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