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Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

By Rob Starr, Content Manager.

Every successful company has more than a few pieces to the completed puzzle and the people are always an invaluable part of their good fortunes. The folks they bring on often have a wealth of life experiences that help to shape their professional lives and quite often it’s these personal backstories that have fueled professional careers. In other words, any company is only as good as the people who run it and commercial collections is no different.

Paul C Palmer

Paul C Palmer

Paul C Palmer is the Digital Marketing Director at Greenberg, Grant & Richards (GGR), a premier commercial collection agency located in Houston.  He’s a business development professional with over 25 years of leadership across the financial, enterprise payments and ecommerce industries with a long and storied professional background and a dedication to his chosen field. Like any other successful career, Palmer’s path has taken several twists and turns as he navigated his professional road. He has an excellent knack for seeing what’s ahead in business and acting accordingly.

Business Development and Smartphones

“The whole world of business development where I’d spent twenty plus years changed when the smartphone was invented,” he says adding that the shift in marketing and advertising has motivated him to keep pace.

“Our commercial collection agency is a great example. Before we built this new website, a lot of the people here thought most of our online business would come from laptops and desktops. However, at this point, seventy two percent of our traffic is on a mobile phone.”

The World of B2B Collections

It’s clear Palmer has a knack for understanding what comes next in the world of B2B collections.  He’s sold and managed small business to Fortune 100 accounts before joining GGR. His ability to recognize the importance of big changes and their implications is easy to understand when you trace his business acumen back to a military past.

“I was stationed in Berlin, Germany from 1990 to 1992 during the fall of the Berlin Wall. I got to watch the whole thing,” he said. “In 1990, I was in Airborne School when the Pink Floyd concert was happening at the Brandenburg Gates.  As they sang “The Wall” the band had a crane ripping The Berlin Wall down.”

Future Possibilities

It’s little wonder he sees the future possibilities in commercial collections first. GGR has served over 10,000 clients in many different industries since they were formed in 1993. They have an outstanding reputation in commercial collections. In fact, in each year of a two year span, they collected $100 million for their clients. Their portfolio also includes work with Fortune 1000 companies. The company currently has 7 locations in 6 different states with more expansion plans in the works.  For fast and effective debt collections, you can get in touch with Paul C Palmer at Greenberg, Grant& Richards here.








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