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An overview from an entrepreneur and technologist in the land of startups

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

While the accounting consulting firms are still considered the end goal for many students graduating from the nation’s institutions of higher learning with accounting degrees, many others in this demographic are climbing away from that corporate trunk and out onto entrepreneurial branches.

This entrepreneur spotlight focuses on Yael Tamar who is an accomplished entrepreneur and technologist living in Tel Aviv. Her many credentials include the Director of Marketing, PR and Communications at AMHSI and as a Business Development & Marketing Executive at

Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar

Innowattech, Ltd., a green energy Israeli startup company. Her previous work also includes due diligence at Ernst & Young (EY), marketing strategy consulting at Magna Capital and managing her own IT startup ventures including a natural food supplements company, Pure Standard.

“While I worked at EY I was doing prospectus work for Israeli firms that were going public and due diligence for firms that were purchased by European and American firms as a part of M&A,” she said. “I traveled to different countries and because I speak Russian, I went there and to the Ukraine to sort out the evaluations and due diligence.”

Financial writing and analysis

She says her acquired strengths from that work included financial writing and analysis resulting in prospectuses ranging one hundred pages or more. Although she doesn’t have a CPA, Tamar wanted to work at EY in Tel Aviv so she could learn various aspects of finance like how to write business plans and undertake financial planning and analysis. She had definite objectives in mind for her stay in The Big Four and was able to accomplish those goals.

“I learned how a large organization and its management works,” she said. “As far as my own career path was concerned, I also learned that I didn’t want to work at a large company.”

Software Training

Tamar stresses she’s indebted to EY for several things including the software training she got from them noting that she’s now proficient with Excel and working with some of the more complicated aspects of the program like functions.

“I use all of the tricks that I learned there when I write freelance business plans now. They actually sent me to different courses—some were on the tools available like Excel and PowerPoint and others were about financial planning, entrepreneurship, M&A and other topics.”

Her carefully considered career moves have served her well. Along with her PR and marketing efforts, Tamar owns a natural food supplements company,  Pure Standard, and she’s a food and travel writer, a mother of two and blogs on a variety of subjects from health to technology. She stresses that even though it was clear to EY she had no auditing background and would eventually leave the firm, it was understood that because they had invested time with her, she was expected to give back.

“For me, the educational opportunities were great and I might have continued working there had I not realized that I enjoy smaller organizations more.”


















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