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Panhandling with technology in today’s digital Gold Rush

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Think the current rush to everything digital is unparalleled in the history of business? Are you sitting in that corner office or in the basement as a sole proprietor and wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like this cresting wave of technology before?

Don’t panic. Innovation has always been the fuel for America’s business engine and “the latest thing” akin to the tires that have always kept it speeding forward.

Way back in the 19th century, Wells Fargo saw the opportunity and provided services like gold dust storage during a time when that kind of innovation filled a need and reshaped a fledgling business. Today, automated services and online systems are carving new niches in the same way that entrepreneurial company blazed a new trail into what was to become the financial services industry— the difference being today’s captains of industry have given up spurs on their boots for smartphones in their hands and laptops on their desks.

When the big players in the consulting/auditing sphere are talking about the need for innovation through technology as the path for business to get and stay productive, it’s in everyone’s best interests to listen. Even when a company is more rooted in a traditional role, gold-rushthere’s always more than enough room (and a real necessity) to take a long look at what the online space can offer to streamline or even recalibrate the goods and services you offer.

Here’s a case in point.

While being an accredited HOA management company might not be considered on the crest of any disruptive new waves, The Cedar Management Group has bridged the old and new worlds quite successfully. Their team approach to HOA management includes providing management services to community associations in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Headline Material

While that might not be considered headline material for PCWorld or any of the other tech publications that are matching more traditional journals like Bloomberg for respectability in the corridors of business, The Cedar Management Group has taken to cyberspace with an innovative approach with what they call “a significant investment in custom technology,” on their website.

The big players have long known the way the business wind was blowing and Global Technology Scorecard: Q2 2016 from PwC recently compared the numbers for more than 140 countries and found that “the technology sector posted a year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter growth of 4.2% in the second quarter of 2016.”

Internet Sector

What’s more, the report points specifically to the Internet sector as a growth driver with an amazing 21.5% year- over-year growth. Most people understand those types of  statistics have opened up a whole new realm of possibilities that beckon to traditional industries to take  on a much more pronounced Internet cyberspace flavour.

It should be no surprise that the other Big Four firms like Deloitte have taken notice.

Even in 2015, the report from them titled: “Think It Build It: Implementing Technology,” noted that the shift to the most innovative technologies like the cloud were imminent. In fact, they forecast the market would be worth $241 billion by 2020. Along with these massive shifts comes a new way of thinking, and quite often traditional technologies are left behind in marketing for a new business model.

This rapid change might have business leaders thinking they need an “all in” philosophy and the shift to the digital world needs to be done quickly and completely. However, that’s not necessarily the case and even Accenture’s Technology Vision 2016 suggests a carefully measured transition to modern technologies like the cloud and data analytics. In fact, the report suggests both a 100 day plan to understand and a year-long counterpart to implement some of the changes necessary to transition to the digital world.

New Metrics

The 365 day part of the strategy also includes finding and using a new series of metrics. These can be developed by tracking the success of any pilot programs an organization puts into play. The final stage in the transition to cyberspace and all of the tools found there involves a talent strategy to work with the other components.

Accenture stresses the fact that emerging into the new digital world also necessitates finding the employees that can help the transition run smoothly. Finding out  where a large or small company needs to have more experience in a specific industry is critical.

New Techniques

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, you’ll need to adopt some new techniques for getting the word out about your goods and services. Finding experts in this new Internet marketing field can be a tricky enterprise for the simple reason that entrance into the industry is often just a matter of putting up a website and saying you belong.

However, there are experts in the field that have long track records and a proven infrastructure of the tools that you will need like Tanner Grey. These digital marketing experts in Charlotte, NC have a host of the important tools you’ll need to panhandle with technology in today’s digital Gold Rush including web design, business consulting and search engine optimization (SEO) services.







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