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By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars recently announced that as of July 14th, Robert K. Wilson has joined as a Partner in the growing Water & Utilities Practice.  He has over 30 years of experience in industry roles and as a consultant.  Wilson’s deep background has provided organizational transformation services to the water, utilities, finance, customer service, human resources and information technology sectors. He answered some of our questions about how this work will continue on at WeiserMazars.

  1. What organizational transformations will you bring to the Water & Utilities Practice at WeiserMazars?

I have extensive experience in organizational transformation projects in Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service, Information Technologies and Operational areas. This includes the design, setup and management of shared service organizations both in the United States and internationally. Because I have led these projects in both industry and professional services roles for organizations, I bring a unique understanding of the impact these projects have within a company. Driving transformational change requires an understanding of the existing culture and the process required to successfully move the organization in the desired direction to reach the strategic goal.  I intend to utilize the excellent work that has been done to date within the practice as the core of our go to market approach.  We will enhance and expand our messaging to the water and utility sector in order to get more exposure for our industry-specific capabilities and services. We will also be growing our service offerings to provide a full range of consultative services that complement our existing audit and tax services, broadening the overall scope of the practice.

  1. What plans does WeiserMazars have to expand in the sector?

Initially, we plan to capitalize on our deep experience and established client relationships within the water industry. This will require us to strategically add resources to our current team over time to support the new service offerings we will bring to market. As we gain traction in the water sector with these services, we will expand our offerings to other utilities, including weiser mazarstelecom, electric, and gas and renewable energy.

  1. What are the challenges and opportunities involved?

Creating awareness in the industry about our enhanced services will be one of our key challenges. We plan to address this with a strong marketing initiative that will focus on communicating the growth of our practice group, our expertise in the sector and the value we bring to our clients. We will be involved in key industry conferences. We feel that the water and utility sectors are a core area of growth for our firm. Our deep experience in the industry, both in the US and internationally through Mazars Group, make us uniquely able to deliver superior service, helping clients to drive organizational performance to new levels.

  1. What industry trends are developing that WeiserMazars can help clients accommodate?

All organizations today are challenged to deliver improved operational performance, driven by increased regulation, while simultaneously improving financial results with fewer resources. In addition, many of the companies within the water and utility sector are burdened with aging plants and delivery systems. WeiserMazars is positioned to help them address these issues through our deep industry background and our creative approach to organization-specific solutions. One size does not fit all and each organization has unique issues and challenges that we will help clearly define and then develop a solution that is exactly right.







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