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Pay-Per-Use Digital Marketing Service From Accenture and Adobe


By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Glen Hartman, global managing director of digital transformation at Accenture Interactive, gave us some insights into the latest expansion of the alliance between his firm and Adobe recently.  Accenture Customer Engagement, is a cloud-based managed service that simplifies the development, execution and measurement of digital marketing . It was the subject of our interest since a  recent Accenture survey noted a large and growing number of chief marketing officers (43 percent) reported that the technology development process in their organizations is too slow for the speed required for digital marketing.

What are some of the new services and features of this new Accenture/Adobe cloud-based offering, Accenture Customer Engagement?

Accenture Customer Engagement (ACE) is a comprehensive digital marketing managed service built on the Adobe marketing cloud. It’s designed to make it easier for marketers to

Glen Hartman

Glen Hartman

develop, execute and measure digital marketing. We’re launching this new service to address performance and efficiency issues that are top-of-mind for marketers today.

One of the features that helps this service stand out in the market is a usage-based pricing model. Marketing teams pay only for the services and solutions they use and to scale up or down according to their current business needs. The analytical tools included in this offering will help companies personalize customer experiences and optimize marketing performance across a broad range of channels.

How does Accenture Customer Engagement work?

The main function of ACE is to create engaging customer experiences for brands. The service does this by leveraging existing digital marketing services offered by Accenture Interactive and Adobe to achieve results quickly and seamlessly. This integrated solution marries Accenture Interactive’s digital marketing services – such as customer experience and design, digital content services, digital analytics, personalization and media optimization, social media and collaboration and campaign management – with the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, such as Adobe Media Optimizer.

 How will this benefit your clients?

We know that today’s marketing teams are stretched rather thin, with the same or less staff to keep up with the nonstop customer. At the same time, they are spending too much time and resources identifying and customizing digital marketing solutions. Technology should act as a solution, rather than one more task on a long to-do list. To solve these obstacles, the ACE tool works to:

·         Minimize complexity – integrating digital marketing services and solutions that are managed entirely by Accenture

·         Deliver more relevant customer experiences – effortlessly and across multiple channels

·         Offer flexibility – demonstrating the results before companies have to make deeper investments

·         Accelerate time-to-market with ready-to-use accelerators and connectors to enable faster results

What are some trends you are seeing in the sector from a digital perspective and what do you anticipate in the near future for cloud based marketing services?

The future of cloud-based marketing services will have a direct impact on the corporate marketing culture in the near future. In fact, in our recent research we found that four out of five CMOs see digital technologies as fundamentally transforming marketing over the next five years – so it comes as no surprise that marketing must be customer-centric and intricately linked to technology.

Only 21 percent of CMOs believe that their companies would be seen as ‘digital businesses’ by 2018, based on past research, due in part to a lack of digital capabilities. With this, we expect Marketers and Brand Managers will increasingly look to new types of agencies and service providers – with credible technology and data/analytics-based digital services at a global scale.

Lastly, we anticipate that in order to efficiently manage these cloud-based marketing services, companies will need to invest in the right talent in the tech and analytics space. Especially in such a fast-paced and competitive environment, the right workforce will enable companies to utilize digital marketing solutions effortlessly, which in turn makes the experiences of their customers much more seamless.


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