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PwC CareerAdvisor provides interactive customizable tool to refine your online career search

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

The next generation of business leaders is getting a helping hand from PwC in the form of a new interactive and customizable platform of tools that will enable students and others to define and underline their unique interests and professional goals as they create their own career paths.

CareerAdvisor is available online and through any mobile device. It’s made up of four distinct areas each of which contains articles, videos, activities and tips and tools designed to give users the edge in the job market.

“We’re very excited to provide the tool to students, and professionals, to help them uncover their interests, strengths and personal brand in order to find the right career path for them,” said Rod Adams, PwC’s US Recruiting Leader. “We launched CareerAdvisor in December and

Rod Adams

Rod Adams

we’ve already gotten really good feedback on it.”


One of the catalysts for the new innovation that can create a customizable experience whereby users can update their profiles from a variety of locations was internal, according to Adams. CareerAdvisor harnesses the professional development tools PwC provides its own employees to teach them how to embrace their skills and talents to achieve professional success at PwC, but the scope was quickly expanded when the firm realized the far reaching potential for those even earlier in their career progression.

“We wanted to make this tool to be accessible to students and anyone else in the marketplace who are thinking about their careers, how to develop resumes, prepare for interviews and build their online presence.”

The four different areas help candidates to assess unique strengths and interests to get started on the right career path, tap into individual resources, build a job search toolkit and strengthen personal brands through communication and networking.

Online Presence

Adams said there’s a real need for an online presence today and discussed how the lines between that and more traditional tools like a paper resume are starting to blur.

“The online presence is even becoming your resume to some extent with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels,” he said adding CareerAdvisor allows users to pick and choose any combination of the four areas available to customize their experience.

Although it’s not mandatory, Adams points out setting up an account allows you to come back to your profile and add any new relevant information. It’s also possible to link to existing social media sites to add to their profile with CareerAdvisor.

“That element is extremely powerful for those individuals that use it in their career development,” he says.

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