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We Talk With WeiserMazars’ New Health Care Practice Leader


By Rob Starr, Content Manager.

WeiserMazars LLP announced recently that as part of its ongoing national expansion of the Health Care Practice it has named Principal Debra Bornstein as the new leader of the Health Care Practice replacing Ken Fischer. We were able to ask her a few questions via email about her new role and where WeiserMazars’ Health Care Practice is headed.

How will your past experience benefit you in your new position?
Having previous industry experience in both the Provider and Payor sectors gives me a unique perspective on the needs and challenges of the health care marketplace and the strategies that need to be implemented to secure organizational success in this era of sweeping reform. My experience as COO of a boutique health care consulting firm, as well as

Debra Bornstein

Debra Bornstein

Principal at WeiserMazars, provides me with the in-depth background needed to develop a strong team, relevant service offerings and a platform for practice growth.

   Why has the Health Care Practice at WeiserMazars put so much effort into expansion?
The current health care environment is extremely volatile and has created a demand for appropriately skilled, experienced consulting resources that far exceeds the supply, and a growing need for consulting assistance and services. As a leading change facilitator, we felt it important to continue to expand our capabilities to best serve our existing and future health care industry clients. Our commitment can be seen by the sustained growth we have experienced in this practice area over the past few years – we have already tripled the size of our health care practice in terms of revenue and number of dedicated professionals, and have expanded our core products and services.

What are the challenges and opportunities facing the company’s health care clients?
The challenges facing U.S. healthcare providers are centered on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and achieving Meaningful Use compliance.

The ongoing transformation of healthcare is defined around a number of transitional axes.
•    The current volume-based system which focuses on fee for service is becoming a value-based system focused on clinical quality and cost.
•    Physician-centered treatment is moving to a patient-centered model, where the patient has greater access to networked, integrated healthcare.
•    Fend for yourself care where the patient is responsible for treatment followup and appropriate medicine usage is moving to a model where the provider is accountable for the quality and results of care, including proactively following patient progress.
•    The current focus on sick care will become a focus on preventive/chronic care. Treating the sick is both more difficult and more costly than preventing illness in the first place.
•    Instead of the payer assuming all risks for subscribers, the provider and payer will both share the risk.
•    Rather than individual physicians providing care, we will see a multi-disciplinary team approach.
Health care reform will continue to dominate the US market for the foreseeable future as the current volume-based, fee for service system becomes value-based on clinical quality and cost. The impact of these changes on income is difficult to predict. Health care providers are essentially taking on risk based on their outcome scores.
  What is the company hoping to accomplish?
While our existing team of professionals already deliver a strong service offering to clients, the current changes in the marketplace are unprecedented and affect all providers and payors. As we augment our capabilities on a national scale, we hope to continue to provide top-level service to health care clients of all kinds, helping them address the many challenges they face.

What’s in store for the future of the Health Care Practice?
The Practice will continue to deliver a wide range of high performance solutions and grow to match the needs of our clients in the face of the ongoing transformation taking place. Our top line revenue projections are strong and our goal is to keep pace with the changing talent landscape, adding to our team of professionals with advanced knowledge in the regulatory, reimbursement, contracting, technology and clinical disciplines.

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