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Top business trends for 2017 you can’t afford to miss

By Rob Starr

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a CEO, freelancer, employee or entrepreneur, being and staying successful is all about knowing the recent trends and riding their waves. Enthusiasm in any line of work is great but you need to anchor it with some research and get the facts to back it up.

That said, here’s a few of the big business trends that will help to put money in your pocket and a smile on your face.

 Trend #1 Connections Are Gold

The world of tech has created a softer gentler world when it comes to business. Creating connections that foster relationships rather than using the old ways of hard sell and the “foot in the door” techniques might not be exactly new. However, they’ll find a more established place for bigger and smaller companies as we approach the New Year and beyond.

Matching consumers with content because the latter is still king will become as entrenched as any of the old school methods as mediums like social media replace television, radio and print business-trendsfor good. Yesterday, the biggest players on the block were companies like General Motors and General Electric, today’s heavyweights include:

  • This is a successful company that creates connections between people even though they don’t own any real estate. They use the medium of cyberspace to full advantage instead.
  • Consider Kickstarter and GoFundMe. They have no funds to invest of their own but surpass all venture capital funding for 2016.

Need some further convincing about how important the digital world is to that pie-shaped sales charts? Brainy Marketer reports that a full 65% of buyers polled report that the content on vendor’s websites had an impact on their buying decisions. And that New Age content needs to be more valued added and less hard sell to be effective.

Navigating Those Websites

Making those connections in the online world is about being customer-centric and developing a website that’s properly calibrated to attract and turn visitors into paying clients. Start with simple navigation that’s user-friendly and has all the tabs to take them away from the landing page across the top or down the left hand side.

Trend#2 It’s Not Just About The Millennials Anymore

The passage of time stops for no generation and with the older millennials turning 35,  there’s room for the up-and-coming Generation Z who are today’s teens and young adults who are 21 and poised on entering the workforce. This is the post 9/11 generation that has grown up in a constant state of economic recession.

They are taking some but not all of the millennials templates and expanding on some key points like:

  • They want some changes and further input into the ways they’ll be educated. In fact, a recent survey from Northeastern University reports that 72% want to design their own college courses because they are looking for hands-on experience and the kind of practical skills they can use to get a job.
  • Along those same lines, 79% want courses and integrated work experience so they stand a better chance of getting a job.

There is at least one other trend that seems to be drawing from the other two and that’s the fact the tech IPO market appears to be slowing down so new companies entering the space will need to be exceptionally lean.

Companies like Swift Communications understand this emerging business model and have offered a streamlined service that offers business both the best deals on current smartphones and tailored business mobile packages. They even offer business broadband and cloud solutions so the modern lean enterprise for 2017 gets everything it needs in one place when it comes to this kind of communication.

Trend#3  Big Data Gets Bigger

This last trend is perhaps the one you’ll peg as more inevitable than the others because  everyone agrees big data will continue to get even larger and more persuasive next year. More power in the hands of the customer through the information they get from mobile devices means more competition for consumer–facing (B2C) and business-facing (B2B) companies. That means sorting through the information and telling everyone what big data means will be even more front and center than it already is.

The importance of riding this big data wave can’t be understated. You can’t be left behind watching as the water crests in front of you  partially because the big data spend is projected to grow by a CAGR of 23% every year until 2019.

Finally, consider the fact that social media selling is poised to go mainstream. Original brand content is set to be expanded through all the platforms that matter like  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

It’s all the more reason to find the right partners that can help you navigate these often choppy/shifting waters. While not every firm can afford an army of data scientists to probe through all the analytics, most can start small and at least corral something fundamental like their business mobile needs into one place to get started.






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