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The Virtual Company is Capgemini’s new scalable cloud-based BPO solution

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Carole Murphy, Vice President and Head of BPO Business Transformation Services at Capgemini, recently took the time to answer a few questions about the complete outsourced service that enables companies to run their end-to-end accounting and finance processes through a BPO model while leveraging NetSuite’s unified cloud-based business management suite.


       What does The Virtual Company do?

The Virtual Company is a ready to go, scalable cloud-based solution that helps companies outsource their back office operations through an fully integrated platform so they can become more agile in disruptive environments.

      What need does it serve?

The solution helps companies achieve secure and fast start up of their back office operations

Carole Murphy

Carole Murphy

to support innovation, new business start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, new product and market launches. The solution also integrates seamlessly with the parent company’s organization and technology, and provides in-built governance, risk and compliance services to assure governance without compromising innovation.

      How is this suite of Cloud BPO offerings different from the rest?

The Virtual Company differs from competitors because of its market-ready capabilities. It is a comprehensive, fully pre-configured solution that not only boasts core processes but also includes enterprise governance, risk and compliance as well as analytics insights. Based on Capgemini’s expertise and Global Enterprise Model, it focuses on shareholder value creation outcomes. It also differs from Capgemini’s other BPO offerings because it is the first completely cloud-based, standardized solution that is targeted towards small to medium-sized businesses as well as smaller units within larger companies.


      What are the biggest takeaways from this announcement?

While traditionally it’s been harder for smaller and medium size companies and startups to adopt BPO solutions, the Virtual Company will now allow these firms to do so. The model provides companies with support through the virtualization of non-core functions, enables business agility and industrializes innovation while optimizing the total cost of ownership.

      What’s in the future?

We hope to see the increased adoption of this offering by larger companies, broadening the virtualization of functions as well as extension of the concept to more traditional on premise solutions.


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