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By Rob Starr, Content Manager

As the firm approaches its 100th birthday,  WeiserMazars LLP recently announced a new configuration for its Market segments including the  formation of a dedicated International Services Group headed by Partner Louis Osmont and a Professional Services/Entrepreneurial Business Group headed by Partner John Witkowski. Partner Kevin Pianko will head up the newly combined Media and Technology Groups and Partner Kathryn A. Byrne has been named  Leader of the Manufacturing & Distribution Practice Group. Victor Wahba, CEO of WeiserMazars LLP, talked with us about how the changes afford opportunities for the firm to better serve their market.

What was the catalyst that brought about the expansion and realignment of the market segments at WeiserMazars?

Our recent structural changes have mostly been driven by two factors – the growth experienced by the clients we have served for nearly a century and a jump in the number of referrals to serve growth-oriented enterprises & individuals.  Our expansion anticipates the need for focused skill development in the area of solutions-oriented services and the teams to deliver

Victor Wahba

Victor Wahba

these capabilities. We had determined that deep, industry-specific expertise aligned with collaborative team structures make us uniquely qualified & position us as a leader in our markets.

What can you say about the newly formed dedicated International Services Group?

We have always been sought out as an international services provider, but as we have focused on building dedicated resources in this area, we will be better able to keep up with the demand from the growing number of clients who need assistance with doing business internationally, at a faster pace, and with agility.

How will the Entrepreneurial Services Group make a difference?

The creation of the Entrepreneurial Services Group is all about providing a personal touch matched with unparalleled industry knowledge, so that we can best guide and advise our clients, whether they are a start-up, family owned/managed or sole-proprietor.

What other realignments will take place and why?

As we continue to achieve our growth and expansion objectives, we also seek to remain sufficiently nimble to adjust our course as needed. We recognize that we will need to be highly adaptable to change, both planned and unplanned.

What are the other plans as the firm approaches its 100th anniversary?

Project Century is our overall plan as we approach our centennial – continuing to enhance interaction with and the experiences of our people internally and our clients. Stay tuned – we will  be sharing more of this exciting journey on which we have embarked!


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