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WeiserMazars’ New Chairman Plans Careful Moves For National and International Pieces Across The Ever Expanding Enterprise Board

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Victor Wahba understands the importance of having a good strategy and building on it. As the firm’s New York Office Managing Partner, a member of the firm’s Executive Committee for almost a decade and finally CEO, Wahba utilized his substantial experience in finance and operations and focus on mergers and acquisitions as tools to ratchet up the company’s plans on the national and international stage. He’s been the CEO since April 2015 and now he has the additional title of Chairman and CEO.
His portfolio of work with WeiserMazars includes overseeing acquisitions like pmpm Consulting Group in the healthcare field and ICS Consulting Partners in New York that caters to the banking

Victor Wahba - 2016 headshot

Victor Wahba

industry. WeiserMazars is the independent U.S. member of the Mazars group. As the Co-CEO of the Mazars Group’s Global Executive Board, he’s participated in the development of global strategy to leverage the reach of the group’s more than 15,000 professionals in more than 70 countries.

When he took his seat as the man moving the pieces around the domestic and global chessboard as Chairman January first, Wahba had a solid vision for where all the assets work to best advantage, starting with how his domestic and international plans blend together on the global stage.

U.S. Growth Strategies

“As I serve on the global executive board, my responsibilities focus primarily on the U.S. growth strategies,” he said. “That’s focused on key geographies that serve our international clients that span what we refer to as small to mid-sized enterprise (SMEs) to multinational organizations.”

Wahba describes those key foundational springboards as the Northeast including New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania with planned moves toward the Boston area and other activity stretching toward Washington.

“Our focus for further expansion will also be in The Great Lakes/Great Plains region. Clearly the center will be in Chicago,” he says adding that WeiserMazars has already established a small beachhead in The Windy City that has great potential.

“The other areas are the Southwest like Dallas and Houston and the West Coast from San Francisco down to San Diego.”

He also points out the international rules have changed as the pieces are being moved and shifted on a regular basis.

Recent Reforms

“There is much change that’s emanating out of Europe with the recent reforms that were set by the European Union and Commission ,” he says noting one element centers around specific audit and firm rotation that’s creating both anxiety and opportunity in the public auditing world in the United States where many of these multinationals originate.

Highly Regulated Environments

Wahba plans on using a tried and tested platform to further WeiserMazars’ expansion and go even deeper with specializations. He specifies the company under his tutelage will continue to align itself with the goals of highly regulated environments like banking with a spotlight on the important focus of reporting requirements for international banks and financial services in general. He also points to another industry being reshaped by globalization and other forces.

“Healthcare is another industry that is extremely regulated in the U.S. and we’re starting to see more of the rest of the world pick up on some of those regulations. Our focus is extremely dedicated to consulting and advisory in areas like managed care, networks and exchanges.”

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