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EY Center for Board Matters 2015 proxy season insights tackles shareholder activism

Jamie Carroll

By Rob Starr, Content Manager.

The EY Center for Board Matters recently conversed with 50 institutional investors, investor associations and advisors on their corporate governance views and priorities. They also  gained insights from investors, directors and other stakeholders through proxy season dialogue dinners. The recent surge in shareholder activism continues to keep boards on alert heading into the 2015 [...]

Federal Agencies See Benefits of Digital Tools But Still Have Concerns: Accenture

Christopher Zinner

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

According to survey research conducted by  Accenture Federal Services and Government Business Council, federal agencies report positive outcomes from digital services, but remain concerned over budget constraints and implementation costs. Chris Zinner, who leads Accenture’s digital work with federal agencies, supplied some answers to our questions recently.

What was the impetus for Delivering [...]

To Advance In Your Job Think And Work Beyond Your Job Description

Michael VanBruaene


, Guest Blogger

Too much concern and focus on our job title and description, along with its compensation, can limit our professional and personal growth, and compensation.  How we go about our work should be grounded in what motivates us, who we are and want to be, how we are fulfilled.  With this perspective, job descriptions and compensation become the [...]

Deloitte’s CFO survey optimistic despite currency exposure, equity markets and global economic concerns

Greg  Dickinson

By Rob Starr, Content Manager. 

Deloitte released its first quarter 2015 CFO Signals survey recently highlighting a ninth-straight quarter of north American optimism  despite some rising uncertainties. Greg Dickinson is the leader of Deloitte LLP’s CFO Signals™, a quarterly survey of CFOs from many of North America’s largest and most influential companies. He answered some of our questions about the [...]

How Much Are You Willing to Pay for a Bottle of Mineral Water?

Andrew Sobel New Headshot 2014

By Andrew Sobel, Big4 Guest Blogger.

I was at a concert the other night at Avery Fisher Hall at New York City’s Lincoln Center, and decided to buy a bottle of mineral water at the bar. An 18-ounce, medium bottle was $4.00. I really didn’t think twice about the price (hey, this is New York!), although my wife suggested that the [...]

Internal Audit Transformation Accelerated With Analytics Platform From Deloitte.

Neil White

By Rob Starr,, Content Manager. 

Neil White, IA analytics leader at Deloitte, starts our conversation about the Deloitte Analytics Platform (DAP), one of the latest fraud analysis and analytics solutions on the market today, by sharing the response he noticed when it was first introduced to the intended market of internal auditors recently.

“ I was down at the Institute of [...]

Five essential elements to your partnership track plan

Career Ladder

Heather Townsend, co-author of How to make partner and still have a life gives tips and techniques to keep focused on what you need to do to make it successfully through partner track.

When you are the partnership track, there can be an inordinate number of demands upon your time and attention. It can be easy to lose focus on [...]

2014 Big Four Firms Performance Analysis Now Available!!

The 2014 Big Four Firms Performance Analysis ( Jan 2015) CoverPage


2014 Big Four Firms Performance Analysis Available at

New, Unique and Insightful…

The 2014 Performance Analysis of The Big Four Firms – Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC

Revenues for the Big Four accounting firms accelerated from 2013 to 2014 after growing at a moderate pace from 2012 to 2013 to record levels, a performance helped by strong improvement in global economies.

Three Big [...]


David Buckley

By Rob Starr,, Content Manager

David Buckley, former Inspector General for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has joined KPMG LLP as a managing director in its Forensic Advisory Services. He was nominated by U.S. President Barack Obama and served as Inspector General for the CIA from October 2010 to January 2015 and his new role will involve providing investigative and [...]

Pay-Per-Use Digital Marketing Service From Accenture and Adobe

Glen Hartman


By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Glen Hartman, global managing director of digital transformation at Accenture Interactive, gave us some insights into the latest expansion of the alliance between his firm and Adobe recently.  Accenture Customer Engagement, is a cloud-based managed service that simplifies the development, execution and measurement of digital marketing . It was the subject of our [...]

New Chairman and CEO of Deloitte’s Audit Practice: The Interview

Joseph B. Ucuzoglu

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Joseph Ucuzoglu was recently named chairman and chief executive officer of Deloitte & Touche LLP’s audit practice.  He has previously served as the senior advisor to the Chief Accountant at the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and was most recently Deloitte’s national managing partner for Government, Regulatory and Professional Matters. Ucuzoglu succeeds Cathy Engelbert, who [...]

The Changing Face of Life and Annuity Insurance

Wendy Huang

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Life and Annuity Insurance: Step up or be sidelined is a recently published Deloitte study explaining how CFOs can help to navigate challenging marketplaces. Report author and Deloitte principal, Wendy Huang, highlighted a change in customer behavior, a need for modernized technology and a talent gap when we talked to her about the report and [...]

Getting Over The Confidence Myth

Helene Lerner

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Helene Lerner, CEO of Creative Expansions Inc., and the founder of has built a vast global following through one of the premier multimedia websites for career women with a robust social media presence. An Emmy-winning executive producer, Lerner has produced and hosted more than 20 televised specials and received the American Public [...]

If it’s Legal Is it Right? The Five Pillars of Integrity in Business

Andrew Sobel New Headshot 2014

By Andrew Sobel, Big4 Guest Blogger

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right. And conversely, some things that are right aren’t legal. Clearly, we don’t need a bookshelf full of legal tomes to tell us how to behave. We know in our hearts when we’ve acted ethically and with integrity, and so do our clients.

For example, I watched Hillary [...]

Capgemini’s PR campaign to launch their 2014 World Wealth Report Lauded

Karen Schneider

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management have been awarded the Best PR Program Award at the Family Wealth Report Awards 2015. The award is in recognition of the highly successful PR campaign to launch the collaborative  2014 World Wealth Report and Karen Schneider, Global Marketing Director, Capgemini Financial Services, answered some questions for via email [...]