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weiser mazars

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars LLP recently announced Richard Bloom, Dennis Cancellarich, Ira Cooperman, Jerome Devillers, Pierre-Marie Lagnaud, George Parker and Anthony Stranix were named Equity Partners and Debra Bornstein was named Equity Principal. The changes took effect Sept 1st.

Richard Bloom, CPA, PFS, MST, is based in the New Jersey office. Formerly a Non-Equity Partner at the firm, he […]

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Balancing Female Leadership And Having Children


By Rob Starr, Content Manager.
Suz (Graf) O’Donnell is a leadership coach, personal branding strategist, management consult, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. Her past career choices include a period of time with Accenture, Capgemini and Ernst & Young.

Suz (Graf) O’Donnell

Most recently, her new ebook, The Career- Family Formula: Three Steps Female Leaders Must Take When Planning A Family, tackles […]

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How Great Leaders Avoid The Groupthink Bog

John Addison

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

“The further up the ladder you go, the easier it is to get isolated and surround yourself with people that tell you what you want to hear. I’ve always believed you’re better off as a leader surrounded by people who disagree with you.”

This from John Addison, the President and CEO of Addison Leadership Group. One […]

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The KPMG Vantage App Unravels The Complex in Cyberspace


By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Brian Miske, Chief Marketing Officer at KPMG, starts off a recent conversation about KPMG Vantage, an interactive publication for iPad, with a few refrains that are heard more and more as business loses itself in the world of everything digital.

“Change is imminent and our audiences both internally and externally are really short for time and […]

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WeiserMazars Bolsters Health Care Practice


By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars LLP, a leading accounting, tax and advisory services firm, recently announced the addition of  Jonathan Stomberger as a Principal in the Health Care Consulting Practice. He will be based out of the Pennsylvania office, significantly growing the firm’s local presence as well as its overall health care  capabilities. Stomberger, a Certified Change […]

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Todd A. Heckman Joins WeiserMazars


By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars LLP, a leading accounting, tax and advisory services firm, recently announced the addition of Todd A. Heckman as a Principal in the Management Consulting Practice. Todd has more than 20 years of management consulting and business transformation experience in a wide range of industries, with particular focus on health care, higher education, and not-for-profit […]

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KPMG’s Insights into Canadian Banking looks at accelerated transformation


By Rob Starr Content Manager

In today’s modern digital world, any financial institution that wants to stay solvent and increase their profitability needs to have an eye on cyberspace. This is especially true when it comes to customer loyalty and retention and breaking through traditional barriers by embracing technology and big data capabilities in this area is one of the […]

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Ask and Listen: Insights from my Recent Trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg (Part Two of Two)

Andrew Sobel New Headshot 2014

By Andrew Sobel, Big4 Guest Blogger

I went on a long business trip to the UK and Russia earlier this summer. I had never been to Russia, and was in fact a bit concerned, beforehand, about going there. It was a fascinating and rewarding experience, however. I met many interesting people and learned a lot about the history and culture of the […]

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Accenture’s 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report Q&A


By Rob Starr, Content Manager

Accenture recently released its 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report, “Making a Measurable Difference,” which announces a series of 2020 goals and highlights the company’s efforts to collaborate with others to improve the way the world works and lives.  Below are a sampling of answers the company provided highlighting the takeaways from the “Making a Measurable Difference,” […]

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Gregory Black

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars LLP recently announced that as of August 10, Gregory K. Black had joined as a Partner in the Tax Practice. As a CPA and estate planning attorney with 15 years experience, Black brings a wealth of knowledge from past positions as a Director in the Private Wealth Services Group of Grant Thornton and a […]

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Taking Those Retired Brains Back Off The Shelf

Art Koff

By Rob Starr, Content Manager has found its place among those respected denizens of cyberspace at least partially because its subject base as a job and information resource for boomers, retirees and people planning their retirement cuts a wide swath through the aging population.

However, the real force behind the website that has not only survived but thrived since […]

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The ‘PowerPoint’ partnership business case – how to really make it work for you

Concept of pressure, getting hot under the collar

Recently I have seen a trend where firms, in particular the Big 4, are asking their potential partners to write and submit their business case for partnership using PowerPoint. Presenting a business case on a slide deck forces you to be succinct. Some people really struggle with this format.  In this blog post, based on an extract from my new book ‘

KPMG Reports U.S. VC Funding On Track To Break $70 Billion

Brian Hughes

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

According to Venture Pulse Q2 ’15, the first in a global quarterly VC report series from KPMG International and CB Insights, a VC-data company, the U.S. is on track to smash the previous 2014 record and break $70B in Venture Capital (VC) spending by the end of 2015.

Internet companies have dominated VC-backed deals, and, […]

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McLovin, Marilyn, Traction and Momentum

Mark Goulston

How To Get What You Want From An Interview

By Rob Starr, Content Manager

It’s not everyday you meet someone who often strolls past the house where Marilyn Monroe’s body was found and had a pivotal scene from the cult classic movie Superbad filmed in his bedroom, but it doesn’t take long to figure out you’re speaking with an original in […]

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Accenture Finds Half of Digital Health Start-ups will Fail within First Two Years

Drew Boston BW

By Rob Starr Content Manager

Although funding for digital health start-ups is increasing, a new Accenture report finds half of these new companies will falter within two years of launch. However, these “zombie” start-ups could be mined by larger firms for talent or innovative technologies. Drew Boston, co-author of Accenture’s Zombie start-up research,  walked us through the findings […]

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