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Capgemini Overview

Capgemini is a key IT services, consulting, and outsourcing firm with 91,000 people in 36 countries. Capgemini had 2009 revenues of EUR 8.7B, net profit of EUR 451MM. Capgemini’s four disciplines are Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing and Local Professional Services. In 1967, Capgemini formed in Grenoble, France as Sogeti. In 2000, Cap Gemini acquired E&Y Consulting to be Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. In April 2004, firm became Capgemini. Since December 2001, Paul Hermelin has been Capgemini’s CEO.


Consulting Services (Capgemini Consulting)

Consulting Services, down 7.5% like-for-like, now represents only 5.9% of Group revenues. The primarily victim of public sector budget cuts, it was the only one of the four businesses not to enjoy a return to growth in the last quarter. The 4.7% reduction in the headcount year-on-year enabled the utilization rate to remain high (66% in the fourth quarter), while selling prices stabilized and even increased slightly at the year-end, enabling Consulting Services to report the best operating margin for the year as a whole (10.9 %, down 0.5 points on 2009).


Technology Services

Technology Services (41.5% of Group revenues) remains the Group’s powerhouse, reporting like-for-like growth of 1.6%. Growth accelerated significantly in the second half, resulting in renewed recruitment but also a slight downturn in the utilization rate (79% at the year-end, 2 points below the end-2009 rate). Prices resisted well and stabilized towards the end of the year. At 6.7%, the operating margin is down 0.2 points on 2009, as the average cost of an employee increased slightly faster than prices invoiced.


Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services (36.3% of total revenues) reported a drop of 3.2% like-for-like. This business was affected by a major contract in the United States entering the final phase and the austerity plan decided by the British government. The operating margin remained stable at 7.1%.


Local Professional Services (Sogeti)

Local Professional Services (Sogeti) is the third largest Group business, with revenues equal to 16.3% of total revenues, down 0.3% like-for-like, with once again a return to growth in the second half of the year. The utilization rate returned to a satisfactory level at the year-end (82.5%) and prices improved steadily throughout the period. Nonetheless, the operating margin fell 0.5 points to 9.2%, suffering from reduced business activity in the Netherlands where profitability was always above-average.


The Executive Committee has 13 members:

Capgemini CEO Paul Hermelin

Paul Hermelin
Chief Executive Officer

Aiman Ezzat CFO Capgemini

Aiman Ezzat

Pierre-Yves Cros, Consulting (Capgemini Consulting), Executive Committee

Pierre-Yves Cros
Consulting (Capgemini Consulting)

Cyril Garcia, Strategy and Transformation, Capgemini Executive CommitteeCyril Garcia
Strategy and Transformation

Hubert Giraud, Business Process Outsourcing, Capgemini Executive CommitteeHubert Giraud
Business Process Outsourcing

Philippe Grangeon, Marketing and Communications, Capgemini Executive CommitteePhilippe Grangeon
Marketing and Communications

Aruna Jayanthi, India, Capgemini Executive CommitteeAruna Jayanthi

Jean-Baptiste Massignon, General Secretary, Capgemini Executive CommitteeJean-Baptiste Massignon
General Secretary

Paul Nannetti, Global Sales and PortfolioPaul Nannetti
Global Sales and Portfolio

Patrick Nicolet, Infrastructure Services, Capgemini Executive CommitteePatrick Nicolet
Infrastructure Services

Salil Parekh, Application Services 1, Capgemini Executive CommitteeSalil Parekh
Application Services 1*

Luc-François Salvador, Local Professional Services, Capgemini Executive CommitteeLuc-François Salvador
Local Professional Services (Sogeti)

Olivier Sevillia, Application Services 2, Capgemini Executive CommitteeOlivier Sevillia
Application Services 2**

Aymar de Lencquesaing, Corporate Vice President, Capgemini Executive CommitteeAymar de Lencquesaing
Corporate Vice President

* North America, United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific (excluding China) and the Financial Services sector
** France, Benelux, Nordic

Principal Group Directors

Operating Functions

Peter Barbier
Country Board Sweden

Tom Blacksell

Jean-Philippe Bol
Application Services France

John Brahim
Application Services

Henk Broeders
Country Board, Netherlands

Daniel Chaffraix
Infrastructure Services

Lanny Cohen
Country Board United States

Stanislas Cozon

Derek Crates
Major Contracts

Thierry Delaporte
Application Services

Richard Dicketts
Infrastructure Services

Aiman Ezzat
Application Services Financial Services

Christian Gleyo

Navin Goel
Sogeti United States

Xavier Hochet

Christine Hodgson
Country Board United Kingdom

Maurizio Mondani
Capgemini Italy

Baru Rao
Application Services

José Luiz Rossi
CPM Braxis Capgemini Brazil

Michael Schulte
Country Board Germany

Paul Thorley
Capgemini Australia

Hans van Waayenburg

Central Functions

Antoine Audi
General Secretary of the Holding Company

Hervé Canneva
Ethics and Compliance

Philippe Christelle
Internal Audit

Jean-Pierre Durant des Aulnois
Senior Advisor

Philippe Hennequin
Legal Affairs France

François Hucher
Delivery, Methodologies and Support

Alain de Marcellus
Finance Director

Bruno Nigrelli
Information Systems

Ulrich Praedel

Jeremy Roffe-Vidal
Human Resources

Isabelle Roux-Chenu
International Legal Affairs

Anne Trizac
Business Control

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