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Ready. Set. Jump!

Attention Big 4 talent!

Your star is on the rise. The market for talent is heating up the most we’ve seen in the past three years. Whether you’re in public accounting or private industry, your experience, skills and qualifications are being viewed as increasingly in demand and desirable.

Opportunities are being created, either by increased budgets, revenue growth, or simple old fashioned turnover. And turnover there is – even the most cautious & risk averse CPA’s are dipping their toes back in the pool.                                                                                                    

What does this mean? Increased opportunity and visibility, better compensation (hallelujah to that!) and the validation of an economy who’s engine is just starting  to hum.

If you’ve been thinking about what’s next on your career ladder, now may be the time to start thinking about leveraging your skills and value. If you’ve been out of the game for a while, fairly new to it or not sure where and how to begin, here are a few suggestions.

Update your resume – I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but I’m often surprised at how often I ask for one and it’s not .  Doing so is a great start for multiple reasons. First, it’s the initial step of doing something to start the process. And by listing your accomplishments, responsibilities and goals it re-familiarizes you with YOU! Compiling, then seeing your experience in black and white is clarifying.

Secondly, when that perfect opportunity comes your way, you’re ready to respond. Keeping a current resume available means you’re not scrambling to remember years of  detail, projects and dates. You can tweak it for specific opportunities or update it every time you’ve accomplished/added something new in your current position.

With Social Media and so many job boards, it’s easy to tap into the existing job market. If you’re well employed and passive, a well networked and completed Linked In profile will get you noticed. Being well connected and active in  your circles will expose you to trends and leads. Know who the reputable recruiters are in your demographics and sector and connect with them.

It’s a great time to consider the next step in your career – be prepared, be aware and venture out a little.  Opportunity is calling.


Cindy Cremona, CPC has over twenty years experience as an Executive Recruiter. Her main focus is in Accounting and Finance, primarily placing senior level roles for clients mainly in the technology sectors.

Cindy works extensively with CPA’s and current/former Big 4 alumni. As a ‘Change Agent’, Cindy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise for CPA’s transitioning from public accounting or to the next step in their careers.

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